Lying and Absolute Truth

By Scott Shaw

In modern human reactive consciousness, lying has become the accepted norm. In fact, a couple of years ago, during a court case when the honesty of the person on trial was questioned, the judge proclaimed that it is such a commonality that everybody tells lies and, as such, questioning the defendant’s honesty could not be set into motion.

Though lying may be the norm in human consciousness. And, I am certain, that each person who tells a lie: large or small will have their own justifications for why they are lying, you must ask yourself do you lie and if so why? You must further question, do you believe that lying makes the world a better or a worse place?

I believe that each person who consciously processes those questions will come up with the results that lying does not make the world a better place nor does it make any lie that any person tells become the truth. At best, all it does is to set further chaos afloat in this world and damage the lives of both the liar and the person who is being lied to.

Lies are large and they are small. But, a lie is only one thing, a lie. It is not and never will be the truth.

Throughout time, those who have been drawn to the spiritual path and to raising human consciousness have provided discourses about why lying is a bad thing and how it damages the karma of the person performing the lie. Though this has long been the stated case, lies came at us from all directions. In fact, many times, they come at us from a person who claims to be a conduit of spirituality and truth. 

Lying has become so common with most modern people that they rarely event think or care that they are stretching the truth. That is very sad. It is also very sad that so many people have become so used to lying that they do not even feel regret, sadness, or a sense of moral turpitude when they lie. And, that is wrong. 

All this being said, I suggest you conduct an experiment in your life; stop lying. Take a day and no matter whom you speak with, you speak only the truth. Now, I must paraphrase this by stating, telling the truth is not simply voicing your opinion. Opinions are opinions and they are, at best, you placing your own judgments and definitions upon another person and/or what you like or do not like. That is not the truth. That is ego. Telling the actual truth is a much deeper internal commitment than that. Telling the truth is you not exaggerating or fabricating anything for any reason. 

Once you have done it for one day, extend it to another, and then another. See how long you can go without fabricating anything. The results may surprise you. 

It does not matter if you hope to become a better person as you pass through life. It does not matter if you believe that you are spiritual or not. What matters is, what affect you have on the whole of the space in time where you find yourself. And, betterment on all level begins with you: right here, right now.  To this end, a lie is based upon your wishing to present a false level of reality that you hope others will believe, for whatever reason; stop it! Stop the falsehoods at their source. And, the source is you. 

Truth begins with you. You can be the impetus for a better more truthful life space. You don’t have to call out people you have discovered were liars, you simply have to be the embodiment of the truth and stop lying to yourself and to others. From this, the power of the lie will begin to be diminished. 

Stop letting yourself lie. Stop lying to yourself that your lying is okay. Stop altering the fact(s) of life, even if only by a little bit. Stop presenting your opinions as truth. Stop taking other people’s words and actions and turning them around to suit your own needs. Stop all the falsehoods and instead, be the truth. 

Become the source of a better everything and speak the absolute truth.

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