Learning How to Play the Con

By Scott Shaw

I frequently warn people about the fact that there are many people out there who learn the words and the actions of a certain form of spirituality and then they go out and market it to the masses. There are certainly those who, from start to finish, do this as a means to make money and/or gain power over others. But, the fact of the matter is, there are far more who enter this roadway to disaster by first desiring to become something spiritual themselves. It is somewhere after this point, however, that it all goes awry.

For someone to embrace any level of higher consciousness on the pathway to spirituality they must first believe that there is something more; something greater than ourselves out there. This is where all of the folly begins. For as long as you hope for, desire, want to believe that you are not whole onto yourself there is the temptation to look outside of yourself for answers. Certainly, religion has played upon this forever. And, from the boundaries of religion many a person has come to the pulpit claiming religion as their basis and then moved from the true realms of spirituality onto become nothing more than a desirous self-serving individual. We have all heard the stories…

The fact is, throughout all societies on this planet, throughout all periods of history, there has existed the promise of religion and spirituality. “If you do this, you will get that. Be good and you will go to heaven. Be bad and you will go to hell. If you are not getting what you want out of life it is because you are not spiritual or pure enough. It is your fault! Or, god is testing you. But, I can guide you to the realm where you can be better, purer, more holy and from my guidance you will receive what you truly desire.”

This is where the con begins. This is where the con has always begun. It is never based upon spirituality; it is based upon the ego of the teacher. The internal belief that, “I have something to give you.” From this there has been born the ruination of the lives of so many believers. Believers that were hoping for the path to the truth, to god consciousness, to a better life. Yet, all they received was the false guidance of a false teacher.

People who teach, people who claim to be spiritual or know anything spiritual must first learn the rules of spirituality. They must study what has already been said so they will fit into the mindset that is understood to be spirituality within any specific mindset, in a specific region or time in this life-space. A person needs to know what is believed. They must study what is believe. Then, once they have, they have the ability to go out to the masses and tell them what they want to hear.

In times gone past, very specific elements or very specific religions were all that inhabited a very specific placement of this earth’s geography. What was believed here, was not believed there. As time and the physical movement of humanity expanded across the globe so too did the concept of, “What I believe it right, what you believe is wrong.” From this was born wars and all types of treachery. As the religious wars subsided, the various beliefs of the various religions and philosophic cultures came to be intermingled. From this, a mess of varying philosophic ideology was given birth to and accepted. One could mix this religion with that philosophy and call it something whole and organic onto itself. But, was it? No, it was simply a mixture of Mind Junk that someone conjured up and called it something. This trend has moved on-and-on throughout the world cultures giving birth to many a person who claimed to be a knower of something. The problem is, no longer do they have to be a true anything — a certified teacher. All that have to be is a person who has mastered the rhetoric. Just as religious wars destroyed many a person’s life; from the past up to this modern day, so too have the false prophets ruined many a person’s life.

Hand-in-hand with this modern day rhetoric-tactician, and the intermixing of religious philosophies came the way out. The method to not take responsibly for a person’s words, actions, and teachings was given birth to. They may claim to know, they may claim to be conduit of something but the moment their words and/or promises do not come to volition they bail out by stated the accepted excuses, “I am simply a conduit, maybe you are being tested further, maybe you are still not pure enough to understand, maybe you have the bad energy of some other person around you, maybe I misread the tea leaves,” and the list goes on. But, what the person who claims and/or teaches any form of spirituality does not do is express the truth, “I am a liar. I am simply doing this to make money, to get what I want out of people, to fix the hole in my psychic were I hope to be something more than nothing and this is the only way I can figure out to do it.”

Here is the fact, a true teacher does not teach. A true teacher does not try to tell you anything. A true teacher steps out of the way and let’s you be you, learning what you need to learn in your own time. A true teacher never claims to be anything.

At the root of all problems with this life is the individual desire to be more, to want more, and to feel that they are not good enough in themselves; right here, in the right now. From this, religion was given birth to. From this, all the false profits were given birth to: old and new.

If you can just let go. If you can just be who you are, where you are, and desire nothing more. If you can feel the good and the bad of life and not blame it on the fact that you are not holy enough or that god is testing you; think how free you would be? You would have no need to give any false profit any means to fill the gaping whole in themselves and their own interpersonal psychology which causes them to try to be a teacher, a psychic, a palm reader, a clairvoyant, a priest, or a whatever. Stop financing their lifestyle! Be whole onto yourself.

Life is life, there is going to be good and bad in it. This is your life. That is just the way it is. Everyone’s life is the same. Stop looking outside of yourself to religion and false teachers attempting to find a reason and an answer, where there are none. You will pass through your life, receiving and being taken from. This, just like everyone else. You will be happy and you will be sad. You will be joyous and you will be angry. No one is perfect. There is no perfect teacher. We are all they same no matter who claims what. They are never what they claim to be. Know this and you are free.

Let go. That is were the truth is born and the place where no teacher or teaching is needed.

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