Scott Shaw

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Scott

I'm an Author, Filmmaker, Actor, Composer, Artist, Photographer, Martial Artist, etc...

As an author, I have written a bunch of book that are available everywhere. Plus, they've been translated into a lot of different languages. So, you can find them around the world.

As a filmmaker, back in 1991, I created a new style of filmmaking that I titled, Zen Filmmaking. In essence, the primary premise behind Zen Filmmaking is that you do not use a screenplay in the creation of a film. Instead, you allow the spontaneous creative energy of the moment to be your only guide in the filmmaking process. I, and other people, have made a bunch of movies using this style of filmmaking.

In a nutshell that’s me… Click on the menu button up at the top of this page to kick around this website to find out the All and the Everything about Scott Shaw.