Scott Shaw
Hitman City
A Scott Shaw Zen Film

Hitman City was Produced by, Directed by, and Stars Scott Shaw.

HITMAN CITY was filmed in Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Taiwan, Sedona, Arizona, Hollywood and Venice, California.

HITMAN CITY follows the exploits of Jericho Ryder AKA Big Action, an assassin with a mystic twist on his need for the extermination of those who have wronged society.

HITMAN CITY has a great cast of Co-Stars including Scott's long time friend, indie film demigod, Joe Estevez. It also brings back frequent Scott Shaw collobrators Kevin Thompson and Danielle James.

Plus, HITMAN CITY introduces a great cast of new Co-Stars to the world stage. This talent includes: Ginina Pulcinella, Tusdi Rodriguez, and Sherry Offield.

Actress and Filmmaker Hae Won Shin makes a Special Appearance in this film.

Scott Shaw feels that this Zen Film is one of the best examples of
Zen Filmmaking.


At the time Hitman City was created film distributors were constantly looking for films with what they termed, "Big Action." Namely: car chases, explosions, large gun battles and the like. As big action is generally left to those films with high budgets, Shaw jokingly countermanded this requirement by nicknaming his character, Big Action. Thereby, when film distributors asked, "Does Hitman City have big action," the answer was, "Yes, it does." 


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Hitman City


Scott Shaw Ginina Pulcinella
Scott Shaw Hitman City
Scott Shaw Tusdi Rodriguez
Scott Shaw Hong Kong
Joe Estevez
Tusdi Rodriguez
Joe Estevez Ginina Pulcinella
Tusdi Rodriguez

Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw

Hitman City Video Box
Here is the original VHS box for Hitman City.
Video Tapes, remember those?
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