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Lingerie Kickboxer

Lingerie Kickboxer

Lingerie Kickboxer is a film which was Written, Produced, and Directed, in a collaborative effort, by Julie Strain, Donald G. Jackson, and Scott Shaw.

Entertainment Tonight did a feature presentation on this film.

Lingerie Kickboxer stars: Julie Strain, Kevin Eastman, Jeff Hutchinson, Brittany Andrews, and Fantasia.

This film is wild ride through the nether-world of championship kickboxing.

View the Scott Shaw Zen Documentary:

The concept for Lingerie Kickboxer was conceived by Scott Shaw. The story was then developed by Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson several years before it was actually filmed in 1998. The team had planned to make it the story of a female secret agent who hid behind the guise of a professional kickboxer. Scott Shaw had the story written out and it was planned to go up several times. Each time, however, something happened and the film was pushed back. Perhaps the most interesting example of this occurred when Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson had planned to shoot the entire movie on 35 mm film in only twenty-four hours. They planned to do this for many reasons — mostly to prove that an entire 35 mm action-adventure could actually be filmed in this short amount of time. Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, the L.A. Times, and other news sources were scheduled to meet the team at various shooting locations around Los Angeles during that day of filming. The cast and crew were scheduled to meet at 5:30 AM on Saturday morning. At 4:30 AM Scott received a telephone call from the actress who was scheduled to play the lead role. She told Scott that she could not make the shoot due to the fact that her boyfriend was having a family reunion in Fresno, California and she had to attend. This illustrates how so many people have a chance to make it in Hollywood and throw it away.

Julie Strain and her then husband Kevin Eastman (Co-Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) began a close association with Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson in 1997. They did several films together. Due to the fact that Kevin was a practicing kickboxer and had access to a kickboxing studio and Julie had a number of friends who were well known in the adult industry, the feature was finally filmed in 1998. Upon completion Scott Shaw edited the movie and Don Jackson gave a copy to Kevin and Julie. Though Scott and Don loved the bizarreness of the finished product, Kevin came up with a list of fixes he wanted to add to the film. But, due to various scheduling conflicts, the additional scenes were never filmed. To date, no one but the filmmakers have seen the completed film.

Currently, Lingerie Kickboxer is lost in Hollywood Never-Never-Land. It will hopefully, someday, be released as it is destine to be a Cult Film Classic.

Not only do several well-known actors and actresses appear in this film but former Thai Bantam Weight Kickboxing Champion, Surapuk "Puk" Jamjuntr, (who operates a Kickboxing Academy in Burbank, California) and Kickboxing Champion, Ho-Kim Huynh, also appear in this film.

The poster for Lingerie Kickboxer was created by famed artist and frequent Kevin Eastman collaborator, Simon Bizley. Here is the original art work.

Lingerie Kickboxer

Production Stills:

Scott Shaw Julie Strain
Scott Shaw Filming.jpg
Scott Shaw and Crew Filming Lingerie Kickboxer.

Scott Shaw Donald G. Jackson
Donald G. Jackson and Scott Shaw on the set of Lingerie Kickboxer.

Lingerie Kickboxer Lunch
Lunch on the set of Lingerie Kickboxer.