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Scott Shaw
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on the Martial Arts

Here is a list of some of the Articles on the Martial Arts, written by Scott Shaw, that were published over the past twenty years.


Keep it Tight Keep it Simple
Fighting Journal (Russia) - August 2017

The Overthrow in Hapkido
Fighting Journal (Russia) - June 2017

Simply Lean
Fighting Journal (Russia) - March 2017

The Art of the Push
Fighting Journal (Russia) - January 2017

Is Deflection Every Enough?
Fighting Journal (Russia) - October 2016

Understanding the Black Belt
Fighting Journal (Russia) - July 2016

Everybody Wants To Fight but Nobody Knows How To Fight
Fighting Journal (Russia) - April 2016

Remove all the Extras
Fighting Journal (Russia) - March 2016

They Never Say Thank You
Fighting Journal (Russia) - January 2016

Learning How to Take a Punch
Fighting Journal (Russia) - November 2015

Environmental Fighting
Moosin Magazine - October 2015

The Front Kick: Simplicity in Action
Moosin Magazine - August 2015

Feet First
Taekwondo (Japan) - May 2015

Adapt and Readapt
Fighting Journal (Russia) - April 2015

Ego, Dominance, and Defending Against the Sucker Punch
Fighting Journal (Russia) - February 2015

The History of the Korean Martial Arts (Denmark) - January 2015

The Fight Inside the Forms
Taekwondo (Japan) - January 2015

How To Be a Private Instructor of the Martial Arts
Moosin Magazine - August 2014

Kevin Eastman: Meet the Martial Artist Who Created The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
MA Success - August 2014

Refining the Martial Arts
Moosin Magazine - July 2014

The Forgotten Fists of Taekwondo
Moosin Magazine - June 2014
Republished from Black Belt Magazine

The Foundations of Self-Defense
Moosin Magazine - May 2014
Taken from The Tao of Self-Defense by Scott Shaw

Thoughts on the Modern Martial Arts
Moosin Magazine - May 2014

Rafael Lovato, Jr. Role Model
MA Success - April 2014

Keeping Our Children Safe
MA Success - April 2014

The Three D's of Self-Defense
Moosin Magazine - April 2014

Integrating Hapkido and Taekwondo
Moosin Magazine - April 2014
Republished from Taekwondo Times

Girls in Gis
MA Success - February 2014

When Disaster Strikes
MA Success - January 2014

How To Maximize Your Holiday Pro-Shop Sales
MA Success - November 2013

School Survival in a Military Town
MA Success - August 2013

One Price Fits All: A Tuition that Includes Everything
MA Success - July 2013

One Course Wizard: 500 Students and 96% Retention
MA Success - January 2013

How to Create a Dream Team of Leaders in Your School
MA Success - December 2012

The Tragic Story of Bully Victim Tyler Long
MA Success - December 2012

For Colorado Mega-School Owner: Bigger is Better
MA Success - September 2012

Krav Maga Universal: A New Marriage of Marketing and Physical Techniques
MA Success - August 2012

Wal-Mart: The Next Revolution of Martial Art Schools
MA Success - August 2012

How to Create a Prosperous School in Just Two Years
MA Success - July 2012

How to Get Your School on T.V. for Free
MA Success - March 2012

The Revolution
MA Success - January 2012

Bruce Lee - His Legacy Lives On! Shannon Lee and the Bruce Lee Foundation
MA Success - August 2011

Aron Ralston: Turning Tragedy into Triumph
MA Success - July 2011

Contemporary Jeet Kune Do: The Evolution of Bruce Lee's JKD with Paul Vunak
MA Success - April 2011

Whiz-Kid Aaron Lawrence and the Perspective of Youth, Inc.
MA Success - April 2011

Everything is Bigger in Texas: Including this Super School
MA Success - March 2011

3 Years Open & 725 Students: How To Do It
MA Success - February 2011

Schools That Thrive on Retention
MA Success - December 2010

It's a Family Affair
MA Success - November 2010

The Young-at-Heart Elder Statesman of the Martial Arts
MA Success - September 2010

After-School Program Earns School Owner $350,000.00 a Year
MA Success - August 2010

Dave Kovar: The Teacher of Teacher Received MAIA's Lifetime Achievement Award
MA Success - August 2010

Tiger-Rock International (ITA) 30,000 Members Strong and Still Growing
MA Success - July 2010

Karate - Japan - January 2010

What Makes Independent Schools Great?
MA Success - November 2009

Tough Times? TASMA to the Rescue
MA Success - July 2009

Forgotten Fists of Taekwondo
Black Belt - June 2009

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
MA Success - April 2009

A Penchant for Retention
MA Success - March 2009

Listen up! How to Publicize Your School on the Radio
MA Success - January 2009

How a Great Staff Leads to Success
MA Success - November 2008

Asking the Masters (Scott Shaw Q & A)
Martial Arts Illustrated, U.K. - November 2008

How to Feed New Students into Your School Through Satellite Programs
MA Success - October 2008

Richard Bustillo: Keeping the Reality of Bruce Lee Alive
MA Success - June 2008

The Secret of Multi-School Success: High Quality Instructors
MA Success - April 2008

Sideswipe: Raising the Bar for Performance Teams
MA Success - March 2008

How to Implement a Padded Weapons Program Into Your Curriculum
MA Success - February 2008

How to Accelerate Yours School's Growth
MA Success - February 2008

XMA: The Second Revolution
MA Success - January 2008

Bill Superfoot Wallace: Superfoot's Legacy
MA Success - December 2007

USA Taekwondo's New Martial Arts Commission
MA Success - November 2007

How to Operate a School in a Highly Competitive Market
MA Success - October 2007

Walking Down the Aisle of the Martial Arts
MA Success - September 2007

Ernie Reyes Sr.: Performer Extraordinaire'
MA Success - August 2007

No-Frills Taekwondo Success
MA Success - June 2007

Mixed Martial Arts Integration: The Next Revolution
MA Success - May 2007

USA Taekwondo: American's New Olympic Governing Body
MA Success - February 2007

USA Judo: Olympic Group Welcomes All Martial Artists
MA Success - December 2006

Once a Teacher - Always a Teacher
MA Success - December 2006

Successful Taekwondo with No Bells and Whistles
Martial Arts Professional - December 2006

How to Operate a Martial Art Super School
Martial Arts Professional - October 2006

Back to the Basics: Joint Locks for Self-Defense
Taekwondo Times - September 2006

Chuck Norris: The Martial Arts Icon Who Defines Excellence
MA Success - August 2006

Herb Perez: Bringing the Olympic Gold Medal to the Masses
MA Success - July 2006

How to Teach High Quality Classes
Martial Arts Professional - April 2006

MAIA Elite: Take Your Business to the Next Level
MA Success - April 2006

The New Premier Martial Arts Licensing Program
MA Success - February 2006

Jump Back: Mastering the Most Difficult Kicks of the Korean Martial Arts
Black Belt - January 2006

Former Power Ranger Powers Up Two Schools
MA Success - January 2006

The Success Secrets of Multi-School Owners
MA Success - December 2005

The ATA One Million Active Members and Growing
MA Success - October 2005

Perception of Your School is Everything
MA Success - September 2005

Bigger Isn't Always Better: Net Income and the Martial Arts
Martial Arts Professional - August 2005

Adaptation: The Science of Teaching the Disabled
Martial Arts Professional - May 2005

David Carradine: More Than Just a Legend, He Started a Revolution
MA Success - April 2005

Taekwondo's Strategy Against the Street Punch
Taekwondo Times - March 2005

Fitness Kickboxing: The Second Revolution
Martial Arts Professional - Match 2005

The Science of Survival
MA Success - December 2004

Passion, Plan, Belief: The Three Keys to Success
Martial Arts Professional - December 2004

ATA and XMA: Old School Meets the New School and They Like Each Other
MA Success - October 2004

Success Through Organization
MA Success - August 2004

Lien Chi: Energizing Your Body with Golden Chi Kung
New Living Magazine - July 2004

The Children Are the Future
Martial Arts Professional - July 2004

Miko Nishiuchi: The Last Real Samurai
MA Success - May 2004

Randy Couture: Lord of the Rings
MA Success - April 2004

The Throws of Hapkido: When They Work, When they Don't
Taekwondo Times - March 2004

The Art of Attracting the Adult Student
MA Success - January 2004

Lean and Fit: More than Just Aerobics for Kicks
MA Success - September 2003

Billy Blanks: Tradition with Rhythm
MA Success - July 2003

Beyond Fighting
MA Success - May 2003

Royce Gracie: From King of the Ring to Road Warrior
MA Success - April 2003

Teach 100 Students in One Class with the Rotating Curriculum
MA Success - February 2003

Krav Maga
MA Success - January 2003

The Way of the Sword: The History and Development of Kumdo
Martial Arts - December 2002

Mike Swan: Judo Champ Flips into Entrepreneurial Success
MA Success - December 2002

Martial Art Industry Association: What a Year
MA Success - November 2002

Integrating Taekwondo and Hapkido
Taekwondo Times - July 2002

USTU: Taekwondo's Olympic Side Kick
MA Success - July 2002

Movement: Hapkido's Secret of Self Defense
Taekwondo Times - March 2002

Self-Defense for the Street: The Principals of Continuous Motion
World Budo Alliance On-Line Articles - January 2002

The Art of Kumdo
Martial Arts Combat Sports - January 2002

Unleash the Pain: Hapkido Joint Locks
Taekwondo - November 2001

Foundations of Self-Defense
Inner Self Magazine - May 2001

Self-Defense the Hapkido Way: The Dynamics of Distance, Control, and Deflection
Martial Arts Combat Sports - April 2001

Solo Training in the Martial Arts
Martial Art Legends Presents: Combat Fitness - February 2001 

Deflection: The Heart and Soul of Hapkido
Taekwondo Times - September 2000

Hapkido: Intercepting the Energy of an Attack
Martial Arts Combat & Sports - June 2000

Kumdo: Just How Korean is Korea's Way of the Sword
Black Belt - May 2000

Fighting Secrets From Traditional Taekwondo
Black Belt - February 2000

Korea and the Historical Foundations of Ki
Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness - Winter 1999 - 2000

The Staff of the Korean Martial Arts
Martial Art Legends - November 1999

Korean Qi Gong
Martial Arts Illustrated - October 1999

Hapkido Grappling: Tradition Verses No-Holds-Barred
Taekwondo Times - September 1999

Defending Against the Sucker Punch
Kick - Germany - May 1999

History of Taekwondo - On-Line Articles 1999

History of Hapkido: A Korean Martial Art - On-Line Articles 1999

History of the Korean Martial Arts - On-Line Articles 1999

Scott Shaw: Straight to the Heart of Hapkido (Interview)
Taekwondo Times - November 1998

Raising Cane: Hapkido's Street Legal Self Defense Weapon
Inside Karate - November 1998

Redefining the Taekwondo Jumping Front Kick
Black Belt - October 1998

The History of Taekwondo
USMA On-Line - Martial Art History 1998

The History of Hapkido
USMA On-Line - Martial Art History 1998

Hapkido's Theory of Circular Self Defense
USMA On-Line - Articles 1998

Hapkido's Theory of Circular Self-Defense
USJJF On-Line Articles 1998

The Front Kick: Devastatingly Simple
Inside Karate - January 1998

Scott Shaw's Hapkido
Kick - Germany - December 1997

This is Very Dangerous - Editorial
Inside Karate - December 1997

Hapkido's Circular Method of Self Defense
Inside Karate - August 1997

The Low Kicks of Taekwondo
Black Belt - July 1997

Scott Shaw: Hapkido American Style (Interview)
Karate - Japan - June 1997

Up Against the Wall
Inside Karate - May 1997

Free Yourself: Hapkido's Defense Against the Grabbing Attack
Inside Karate - April 1997

Hapkido Interception
Inside Karate - February 1997

Scott Shaw: Philosophy and the Martial Arts (Interview)
Martial Art Masters - September 1996

Hapkido: Self Defense with Ki
Inside Karate - September 1996

Hapkido Ground Fighting Techniques
Inside Karate - August 1996

The Linear Kicks of Taekwondo
Black Belt - July 1996

Hapkido: Elements of Deflection
Inside Karate - May 1996

The Equipment Training Techniques of Taekwondo Master, Hee Il Cho
Inside Taekwondo - December 1995

So You Want to be a Martial Art Movie Star
Martial Art Movies - November 1995

Tae Mon Kwon: Hapkido Philosophy Converted to Combat
Inside Taekwondo - September 1995

Take 'em Down: Hapkido's Defense Against the Korean Kick
Inside Taekwondo - July 1995

Taekwondo Kicks: How To Use Them, How To Beat Them
Black Belt - June 1995

How to Effectively Train at Home
Secrets of the Masters - May 1995

Hapkido Knife Defense: Don't Get Stuck
Inside Karate - April 1995

Hapkido: Joint Locks for Self Defense
Inside Karate - March 1995

Dana Hee: From Olympic Gold Medalist to Hollywood Stuntwoman
Inside Taekwondo March - 1995

Raising Cane: Body Locks and Throws with the Hapkido Cane
Inside Taekwondo - February 1995

Grabbed From Behind
Inside Karate - February 1995

Hapkido Grappling
Black Belt - December 1994

Conrad Palmisano: The Man Who Puts the Action in the Action Adventure
Martial Arts Movies - December 1994

Closing the Gap
Inside Taekwondo - November 1994

James Lew: He Gained His Fame The Hard Way - He Earned It
Martial Arts Movies - November 1994

Lights, Camera, Action: The Other Life of Scott Shaw (Interview)
Inside Taekwondo - November 1994

Hapkido In-Fighting
Inside Karate - October 1994

Simon Rhee: Class Act in a Reel Story
Inside Taekwondo - October 1994

Hapkido Knee Fighting
Martial Art Masters - September 1994

Foot Intercepts Fist: The Dynamics of the Defensive Kick
Masters & Styles - July 1994

Lock 'em and Throw 'em Hapkido Style
Inside Karate - July 1994

The Hapkido Cane
Taekwondo Times - May 1994

Hapkido Verses Street Weapons
Masters and Styles - April 1994

Defense Against the Taekwondo Kick
Black Belt - April 1994

Taekwondo's Street Savvy Kicks
Inside Taekwondo - April 1994

No Holds Barred: Self Defense for the Streets that Works
Inside Karate - March 1994

Hapkido Ground Fighting
Karate Kung Fu Illustrated - February 1994

Go With the Flow: Principals of Continuous Motion
Inside Karate - February 1994

The Korean Short Staff
Inside Taekwondo - February 1994

Cardio-Aerobic Kickboxing: Heath Craze of the 90's
Martial Art Masters - January 1994

Tae Kwon Do's Continuing Evolution
Inside Tae Kwon Do - December 1993

Hapkido's Circular Kicks: Straight to the Point
The Complete Guide to Kicking and Stretching 1993

The Motion Philosophy of Self-Defense
Inside Taekwondo - December 1993

Taekwondo's Arsenal of Spinning Kicks
Black Belt - December 1993

Real Verse Reel: The Secret of Dual Purpose Fighting
Masters & Styles - November 1993

The Knife Hand
Inside Karate - November 1993

Kumdo: The Korean Art of the Sword
Martial Art Masters - September 1993

Samurai Iai-do: A look at Japanese Swordsmanship
Inside Karate - September 1993

Hapkido: Self Defense with a Vengeance
Inside Taekwondo - August 1993

Hapkido's Circular Theory of Defense
Black Belt - July 1993

The Hapkido Cane: Street Legal Weaponry
Inside Karate - June 1993

Defend and Counter with the Feet
Inside Karate - May 1993

Economy of Motion: The Offense of Defense
Inside Karate - March 1993