Ride with the Devil
Ghost Taxi

A Donald G. Jackson and Scott Shaw Zen Film.

Forty years ago Daredevil Dan Donovan was sent to the dark abyss. He has now been given one last chance to reenter the light. What must he do? He must exchange his soul for the souls of thirteen other deserving candidates. This is his adventure.

This film is bizarre wild-ride, Zen Film, lost somewhere between reality and fantasy. It take the viewer on an abstract journey through the netherworld of life and death.


  • Ride with the Devil was originally filmed as Ghost Taxi in 1996. This version of the film stars: Scott Shaw, Fred Olen Ray, Eric Brummer, Joe Haggerty, Julie Lunar Strom, and adult film star, Nancy Vee. This version of the film was not released at that time, however.
  • In 1998, Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson decided to add Penthouse Pet and B-Movie Queen, Julie Strain and her then husband, Co-Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman to the cast; in addition to several other supporting actors. The title was changed to, Ride with the Devil.
  • With these new additions to the cast, what was created was a completely different film than was envisioned in the original concept. This version of the film truly pushed the boundaries of abstract Art-House filmmaking to the level of Pure Cinema.
  • In 2007, Scott Shaw went back to the original footage and edited what the filmmakers had envisioned for the original film, Ghost Taxi. Today, you can finally see both versions of the film.

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Ride with the Devil

Ghost Taxi


Kevin Eastman

Scott Shaw

Julie Strain Ride with the Devil