Samurai Johnny Frankenstein
Samurai Johnny Frankenstein

A Scott Shaw Zen Film

Samurai Johnny Frankenstein is a Martial Art based Action Adventure that draws its influences from the Film Noir of the 1940s. This film finds Hollywood Private Investigator, Sam Rockmore (Scott Shaw) joing forces with Cyteck 342 AKA Hal (Kenneth H. Kim) who is a half man, half cyborg on a mission to rid Los Angeles of crime.

Produced by, Directed by, and Starring Scott Shaw, SAMURAI JOHNNY FRANKENSTEIN was filmed in Los Angeles just after the 1992 riots.

The essential co-stars of this film include: Kenneth H. Kim, (who plays SAMURAI JOHNNY FRANKENSTEIN and co-produced and co-wrote this film), Douglas Jackson, Roger Ellis, Selina Jayne, Kimberly Bolin, and Jane Oshita, who after appearing in this film went on to have a very successful career as a stunt performer. See her throw her first on-screen kicks in this film.

Independent features are always a team effort. Joel Ciniero and Joe Contreras provided excellent Still Photography, Location, and Cinematography support throughout this production, while Douglas Jackson and Jane Oshita provided great 1st A.D. help.

Film Facts:

  • The shooting title for Samurai Johnny Frankenstein was Atomic Samurai.
  • The Casting Sessions for this film took place at the offices of Fred Weintraub who is perhaps best known for producing the Bruce Lee film, Enter the Dragon.
  • Many of the players from this film also appeared in Scott Shaw’s Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell.
  • One of the filming locations for this movie was Bronson Cave. A great Hollywood landmark and shooting location that has been used in numerous films and television series including its use as, The Bat Cave, in the 1960s television series, Batman.
  • Another filming location for this film was Union Station, Los Angeles. Finished in 1939, this railway hub is a spectacular location that has been used in numerous films, television shows, and commercials. It is known as, "The last great railway station."
  • Scenes for this Zen Film were also shot at Philippe's restaurant, a unique restaurant that has been in business in Los Angeles for over one hundred years and The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica.
  • Inspired by an idea he had while writing a piece for the Scott Shaw Blog, in 2014 Samurai Johnny Frankenstein: Black and White was released.
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Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw Kim Bolin
Scott Shaw Kim Bolin
Scott Shaw Atomic Samurai
Roger Ellis Douglas Jackson
Scott Shaw Samurai Johnny Frankenstein
Doko & Joko
Kenneth H. Kim

Jane Oshita
Kenneth H. Kim
Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw

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Here was my business card back in the Days of Samurai Johnny Frankenstein.

SJF Casting
Kennth H. Kim and Scott Shaw during the Casting Sessions for Samurai Johnny Frankenstein.

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