By Scott Shaw

At the root of an effective life is the concept of, “Structure.” Structure being a defined basis for your life, a defined ideology for whom and what you are, a prescribed time and place that you do what you do.

In all realms of life advancement and evolution there has been structure. Random acts only equal random events. Structure, on the other hand, gives birth to a prescribed method to reach a desired endpoint in a defined period of time.

Whether it is in the mental disciplines, industry, spiritual congregations, or the military a highly defined sense of structure is what leads to a cohesive foundation that evolves into a decisive unit that achieved a desired end goal.

In this modern era many people have been allowed to deviate from structure. Many people no longer are expected to work in a formalized environment. Many survive and/or make their living due to family inheritances or by a means outside the once accepted norm. From this, free time is given birth to. In fact, many people seek out a means to achieve this free time no matter what the cost.

The question arises with this, however, is what is free time and what does free time accomplish. Most people, when presented with an abundance of free time, squander the time upon meaningless activities. Whether these activities are talking on the phone, surfing the internet, watching TV, or sitting around bars or coffee houses, (just to name a few), this free time becomes wasted time as nothing is accomplished.

Life without accomplishment is a life wasted.

Many people, in fact, seek out a lack of structure. They call out to philosophies like Anarchism. But, do the people who site this philosophy truly understand it? This is doubtful as the moment anyone encounters true anarchism they quickly run from it.

Yes, free time in life in good. Like I long ago said, “Take some time to do nothing, it will open up an entire world of possibly for you.” But, what I was referring to was taking time to experience doing nothing consciously. As from consciousness enlightenment is born, from randomness a life wasted is all that is established.

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