Success Equals Niceness

By Scott Shaw

If you look around your life at the people you have the chance to interact with you will quickly see that one thing is very clear, those who have achieved success are very nice and giving people, those who have not are just the opposite.

In life, we have been presented with the opportunity to grow and reach for our dreams. Particularly those of us who are blessed enough to live in the Western World and/or in advancing Asian or Middle Eastern cultures have been presented with vast opportunities to grow and to flourish. The fact is, however, this simple definition has caused many to reach for success, not achieve it, and then become angry due to their lack of accomplishment. What this oftentimes leads to is a person driven by internal frustration and rage. From this, they unleash their unhappiness onto the world.

Think about this, how many people have you known that relish in the demise of others? How many people have you known that have hurt other people? How many people have you encountered that do things like say or write untruths or self-motivate negative appraisals of another person? How many people have you known that instigate fights and/or confrontations by their words, deeds, or actions? Why do people behave in this fashion? They behave in this manner because they do not possess an inner-peace motivated by being whole, full, and successful onto themselves. Thus, they allow themselves to be driven by negative thoughts and actions based upon unfulfilled desires.

The truth is, achieving inner-peace is very easy; simply desire nothing other than what you already have and you are free. In this modern world, where everything moves at such a fast pace, however, we are all constantly bombarded with the facts of what others have achieved and how they live a grand lifestyle due to their accomplishments. They are loved and they are rewarded. What this input of information does to the individual who is not self-achieved is that it makes them want what other people have. And, it makes them lie, cheat, hurt, and steal to achieve their desired end. In fact, most people who exist in the un-successful state of mind will deny its existence even to themselves for if they were to acknowledge it then they would be internally knocked down another notch in life as they do not even possess the ability to control their own emotions and actions based upon their desires.

Many people turn to spirituality to answer their inner needs and longings. This is not a bad thing, for through spirituality people can find an inner-peace based solely in their spirit and in their mind. Thus, their needs and the desires of the material world fall away. This being stated, there is the other side of the issue; those who seek accomplished by become spiritual. Here lies one of the most demonic forms of human consciousness; people who claim spirituality when they themselves, are not whole, complete, or mentally tempered. They are not holy (wholly), they are not truly spiritual. All they are is attempting to gain accolades based upon claiming to possess some form of spiritual knowledge.

Spirituality is a training ground, it is not an end-point — it is not an accomplishment. Those who claim spirituality, (by any name or any form), and claim that they are something because of it, have completely missed the point. True spirituality teaches no ego. True spirituality teaches no desire. True spirituality teaches humbleness. True spirituality teaches faith in the greater whole. True spirituality teaches, “Do good things.” What true spirituality does not teach is that you are more than anyone else or that you have something that someone/anyone else does not possess.

It is at this point where all the false-profits arise. They claim they have something to teach you or to give to you. And, as so many people are unhappy — seeking a more fulfilled life, there are always those who fall pray to the words and deeds of the individual who attempts to use spirituality as a means to gain their worldly desires.

For many who read these words they will say, “I would never fall prey to that type of person.” That is good. But, look around you, the various forms of spirituality are everywhere. Churches, temples, mosques, ashrams, and monasteries have continued to flourish across the globe. That is not a bad thing. It provides people with the opportunity to focus their faith and develop their inner spirituality. As they are formalized, (though by no means a perfect representations of divine consciousness), they are at least held to a system of checks and balances. And, as the world has become smaller and smaller and as information can be researched and disseminated via the internet quite easily, those who are faulty in their representation of divine consciousness are more easily found out.

Throughout my entire life, as I have spent much of it interacting with those on the Spiritual Path, I have frequently encountered individuals who have claimed spirituality but were far from it. And, these people have crossed all the boundaries of faiths and proclaimed spiritual relevance. This fact is, however, I have more frequently encountered the true believers and those who are whole heartily seeking the truth and inner knowledge. But, they are not the ones claiming anything. They are not the ones attempting to use spirituality as a stepping stone to the MORE of life’s purported offers. They seek only to become more spiritually whole and complete individuals — which from this they can go out and give back to the world.

Here lies an important point, people that truly want to
give never claim they have something to give. They simply give. They claim no title nor do they seek any acknowledgment for their giving. This is Karma Yoga. There are those, on the other hand however, who are completely lost in the space of SELF. They are the first to tell you, “I am this.” “I can give you that.” And, most commonly, there is a price attached to their giving. But, that is not giving. That is not spirituality. That is vanity.

Does the true person of god claim that he or she can speak to the spirits for you? Does the true person of god claim that they can invoke the angels or the cosmic energies for you? Does the true person of god claim that they can tell your future? If they do, I always suggest that you ask them a question about you or your past that they have no way of knowing the answer to. Then, observe their response when they have no way to answer your question. If someone claims to have any of these powers, then they should be able to pierce the Akashic Records and know the answer to any question. But, most assuredly, they will not be able to do this.

Here lies the essence to existing in a world where we are bombarded by what we should desire and seeing those who have accomplished what we hope to accomplish — stop pretending to be anything but the truest you. See yourself for who and what you are. Know and observe where you are in life. Embrace that true you and never falsify or exaggerate any element of your being to attempt to gain something that you desire for then all that is born is the distaste of those whom you have lied to, hurt by your words or actions, charged for your services, and/or deceived by your claims of spirituality and knowledge. For by behaving in this deceitful (non-whole) manner, you have negatively altered not only your own future karma but that of all those whom you have interacted with.

Have you ever looked to the sky and asked god the question, “Why,” when you were not happy with your life’s circumstance? Most people have. This is a natural condition of human consciousness. But, what did you do then? Did you throw a fit at not having or not getting what you desired? Probably not. For that mindset is only practiced by those who exist on the lowest level of human consciousness. What you most probably did was to feel sorry for yourself for a moment or two and then move on with your life. That’s natural! We all want what we want and we are not happy when we don't get it. But, it is us who can consciously choose to do something positive with a desire that is not fulfilled instead of letting it control our inner being and negative affect our life and the life of those we interact with.

At the beginning of this discussion I referenced the fact that the successful are commonly the nicest to all of those around them and the most willing to give and to help. But, what is success? Is it you getting everything you desire in any given moment? No, it is not. Success is being the best YOU that YOU can be at any point in your Life-Time defined by no lies, no desires, no emotions, and no hurtful thoughts, words, actions, deeds, or wishes. Success is you doing what you do in the most conscious and helpful manner possible. Never hurting, only helping. Never saying or doing anything negative no matter how you may feel in a particular moment in time.

Who are the people that are positively remember? They are the ones who gave to others, did for others. They are the ones who asked nothing for their actions and claimed no accolades. Those who are remember for hurting others, saying bad things about others, doing bad things to others, are only the despised. Those who are remember for their positive gifts to the world are never judged by the extravagance of how they lived or by the amount of money they possessed. Thus, wealth, money, and privilege are an illusion. They are not success. Success is the person who gives but never takes.

Be Successful. Be Nice. Give.

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