The Adventures of Ace X and Kid Velvet

A Scott Shaw Zen Film

Created, Produced, and Directed by Scott Shaw, SUPER HERO CENTRAL pairs Scott Shaw with Kevin Thompson in a Wild-Ride Action-Adventure through the means streets of Hollywood, California, Taipei, Taiwan, Tokyo, Japan, Macau, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Also starring in this Scott Shaw Zen Film is Donald G. Jackson, (in his final on-screen appearance), Conrad Brooks, and Scream Queen, Linnea Quigley.

Conrad is the last of the Ed Wood Confidants. He starred along side Bela Lugosi in PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and appeared in Tim Burton's ED WOOD, starring Johnny Depp.

Actress and Filmmaker Hae Won Shin also makes a Special Appearance in this film.

The co-stars of this film are: David Alan Graf, Silvana Smud, Alex E. Burns, and Sarah Edwards.

SUPER HERO CENTRAL introduces the Crime Fighting team of ACE X and KID VELVET who emerge from the world of Rock n' Roll to save Hollywood.

Super Hero Central opens with the transformative character, played by Donald G. Jackson, climbing out of his wheelchair and dramatically inching himself and his wheelchair down the stairwell of the historic 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, California with only a rope.

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Super Hero Central.

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Super Hero Central

The Adventures of Ace X and Kid Velvet

The Adventures of Ace X and Kid Velvet is the English Language, Hong Kong release of the film. It is a slightly different version of the movie that rocked the world of Superhero Action Adventure.

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