Scott Shaw Undercover X
A Scott Shaw Zen Film

UNDERCOVER X is a psycho-thriller. 

It was filmed in Hollywood California, Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, and Kamakura, Japan.

UNDERCOVER X is Produced by, Directed by, and Stars Scott Shaw. This film introduces a great cast of co-stars to the world stage; including: Richard Magram, (who also co-produced and co-wrote this film), Kevin Thompson, Danielle James, Reiko and Satoshi Nakagawa (two talented actors from Japan), Shana Chun, Christina Kan, and Gerardo Reyes.

Actress and Filmmaker Hae Won Shin makes a Special Appearance in this film.

UNDERCOVER X is the story of Detective Truck Baker (Scott Shaw) who inadvertently discover an Asian crime ring when he is seduced by a female member of the family.

Scott Shaw feels that this Zen Film is one of the best examples of
Zen Filmmaking.


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Many spectacular locations were used as backdrop for this film. They include Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles Chinatown, the Los Angeles River, Los Angeles Union Station, the historic 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, the Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Harajuka sections of Tokyo, the temple section of Kamakura, Japan, and the Japanese coast.  

No Boundaries

The shooting title for this Zen Film was No Boundaries. Here is the original poster.

You can also view this poster at
No Boundaries Poster @ Zen Filmmaking on Google+.


Here is the Promotional Theater Card for the Scott Shaw Zen Film, Undercover X when it was being offered to International Distributors at the American Film Market in 2002.

No Boundaries Theater Card @ Zen Filmmaking on Google+.


Undercover X

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Sealed with a Bullet

Sealed with a Bullet is the remastered Hong Kong, English Language, release of the Scott Shaw Zen Film, Undercover X. This film presents additional scenes, that were never before released in the West.

Undercover X Publicity and Production Stills:

Scott Shaw
Richard Magram
Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw Tokyo
Danielle James

Scott Shaw

Undercover X
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Undercover X
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Richard Magram
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