A Scott Shaw Zen Film

Written, Produced, and Directed by Scott Shaw.

VAMPIRE BLVD. is a Zen Filmmaking Rock n' Roll, Action-Adventure lost in a time-warp landscape.

Lost in the realms of 1970's Hollywood, VAMPIRE BLVD. follows Jasmine Lee, an actress from Hong Kong, who has come to Hollywood with dreams of stardom. Instead, she is tracked down by an ancient cult of mutant samurai sword carrying vampires, seeking to steal the powers she never knew she possessed. Her only hope is the protection of two down-and-out Private Investigators.

Vampire Blvd. Stars Scott Shaw, Kevin Thompson, and Tusdi Rodriguez.

This film introduces Adrienne Lau, an actress from Hong Kong. Since the making of this film, Adrienne has gone on to have a very successful career as a pop-singer.

Joe Estevez one of the biggest stars in the World of Independent Film, makes a Special Appearance in VAMPIRE BLVD.

Robert Z'Dar, one of the Ultimate Hollywood Bad Guys, also makes a Special Appearance in this film.

Adult Film Superstar Jill Kelly can also be seen in this film.

Film Trailer:
Vampire Blvd.

Film Facts:
One of the filming locations for this movie was Bronson Cave. A great Hollywood landmark and shooting location that has been used in numerous films and television series including its use as The Bat Cave in the 1960s television series, Batman. Other filming locations include, Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles Chinatown, and The Griffith Observatory.

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Books on/or about Vampire Blvd.

There is a great interview with Scott Shaw on Zen Filmmaking and a discussion about several of his films, including Vampire Blvd. in a book by Michael Adams, Showgirls, Teen Wolves, and Astro Zombies: A Film Critic's Year-Long Quest to Find the Worst Movie Ever Made. In fact, in this book, the author claims that Vampire Blvd. is the second worst film ever made. I guess we will have to work harder to make the worst film ever made.

Mais Vampiros No Cinema

There is a great book, presented in Portuguese, that has been released titled, Mais Vampiros No Cinema. This book discusses Vampire Cinema. The author, Ricardo Massato Miura, details some of the Vampire Based Zen Films created by Scott Shaw, including Vampire Blvd. within its pages, along with a lot of other great films.

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