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Think About Your Addictions

There’s a lot of talk in the news of late about the female basketball player who is being held in a Russian jail due to the fact that she brought some vape cartridges with hash oil in them into the country. She’s not the only one. There are several other Westerners doing time in Russia for similar charges.
Most of you probably won’t remember this but Paul McCartney was arrested at the airport in Japan for having marijuana in his suitcase, many years ago, which was a big offense. Due to him being Paul McCartney, they let him go while banning him from returning to Japan for a number of years. But, think how many other people, who were not a former Beatle, were not so lucky. How many people were and are in jail in Japan for a similar offense?
I had a friend who did five years in the Arizona prison system because he was caught with what was considered a large amount of marijuana. Plus, I have known so many people who wake and bake and attempt to stay high all day.
When we now think of things like weed, at least here in the States, it’s no big deal. It has become legalized in a number of States, and it probably will be legal in all states sooner or later. Yet, think about how many people have done jail time, even Robert Mitchum, for being caught with cannabis in the past.
Here’s the thing, whatever it is that you desire, that takes you out of the stratum of accepted reality, and, if that something is not conventional, you are walking down a road that is not sanctioned. Now, of course, everyone who walks down one of those pathways will argue and argue that whatever it is they like should be legal and that it should be accept. But, if it is not, it is not. And, that is the fact.
But, more to the point, people do what they do and if they do it on a regular basis it can be classified as an addiction. Sure, everyone likes what they like. But, if what you like takes you from the realms of common reality; i.e.: like weed, or coke, or alcohol, or caffeine, or cigarettes, or whatever; what you are doing is altering your consciousness in an unnatural manner. Yes, yes, people claim that things like marijuana is a natural herb. And, yes it is. But, black widow spiders and rattle snakes are also natural and they can kill you, not to mention all of the plants and herbs that are deadly if you ingest them. So, what does, “Natural,” really mean? Answer: It’s just another excuse.
This is the same with so-called Medial Marijuana. It’s not a drug like an antibiotic that may save your life. It is just a way to artificially make you feel the way you want to feel. It is designed and designated for someone who does not want to take the necessary steps to put their mind right, via truly natural methods. Sure, those methods take more personal work. But, if you cannot cure yourself, when you can cure yourself, what does that say about the true definition of your human reality? What does it say about you as a person?    
If anything you do, alters the natural pattern of your mind or your life, and if you do it on a regular basis, that means it is an addiction. That’s the fact.
Every alcoholic, every drug addict, every dope smoker, every cigarette smoker, at least in the early stages of their disease, will argue that they are not addicted. Dope smokers will argue that it is a spiritual thing they are obtaining. But, an excuse is nothing more than an excuse. If you are ingesting anything that is not necessary for your life survival, you are partaking of an unnecessary something. If you do this regularly, no matter what your reasoning, you are an addict.
Most people simply make excuses and give justifications for that they do. This pattern becomes so much easier when something like alcohol, cigarettes, or weed are legal. But, it is an obvious truth, if you are putting anything into your body that does not substantiate your physical survival, what you are doing is unnecessary, thus it is a choice. Remember: it is, “A choice,” that leads to, “An addiction.”
Now that you have this fact, what are you going to do with this fact?