Scott Be Positive

What You Say Matters

Currently, here in L.A., there is a big controversy going on with three City Council Members over a leaked audio tape where one of them made some very racial insensitive comments about another City Council Member’s son and about some of the immigrant populations that inhabits certain sections of Los Angeles. There are all these protests going on for them to leave their seats. Even President Biden feels they should step down. The one actually making the comments did. The other two have not, at least not as of yet, but they will probably be forced to do so. The thing is, these comments were made a year ago. Throughout this time, they have kept their jobs, been paid by the taxpayers for doing their jobs, and if this tape was not leaked no one would have ever known how this woman, making the comments, truly felt. The other two at least did not appear to voice the same opinion(s), but they chuckled along to what she was saying.
Here’s the thing, times have changed, you just cannot say, or maybe better put, even think, anything that is not positive, good, and caring anymore. Some may not like this fact, but that is the fact of the fact. Life has evolved and we must all evolve with this change. Really, think about it, isn’t being positive and not saying negative things about someone/anyone better?
I think back to times gone past, it was very common to unleash racial slurs, to criticize anyone who you did not agree with, and label them this derogatory name or that. The world, at least certain sectors of the world, has changed. And, that is good thing.
I always hear about that the internet is filled with hate and hateful language, and I guess that is true. I just don’t frequent those places, so I don’t read it. How about you? How much negativity and/or hate/and/or hurt have you unleashed on the internet or in life? This is really a critical question you must ask yourself, because the fact of the fact is, you are either part of the evolution of making things better or you are part of the problem. Which one are you?
Though two of the members of that City Council conversation did not voice the level of negativity as this one woman did, they were there in that conversation, and they said nothing. They should have interceded. They should have stopped her negative rant. If one or both of these other two City Council Members would have stopped this woman’s tirade, they would have been applauded. 

I get it, sometimes mob mentality rules. People wish to support their superior or those they admire. But, hurt is hurt. Wrong is wrong. And, if all you do is chuckle while someone is voicing hate or hurt you are as much a part of the problem as they are.

I understand when some people rise to a position of power they feel all-empowered and they believe they can say or do whatever it is they want. Is that right? Is that good? Is that helpful? Or, is that just ego? If you or your words hurt anyone else, you have done nothing but hurt. And, hurt never helps. In others words, don’t allow your lower self to control you.
I am sure there is no one out there who has not said some negative something about someone or something at some point in their life. But, that does not have to be the definition of who you are. If you hurt, you hurt, and hurt is never good, no matter who hears it. You need to be part of this evolution. Be the betterment. Never be part of the hurt.