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Is That Anyway to Live AKA Controlled By Your Demons

Yesterday, in the greater L.A. area, a house blew up. Apparently, they had a large amount of illegal professional grade fireworks stored on the property. The news showed all of the door cam and iPhone footage from nearby residences and they had a helicopter overhead. It was a massive show of fireworks exploding in the air.

The explosion killed two people (so far) and destroyed a lot of nearby residences. But, why did this happen? It happened because a person or persons was only thinking about themselves and not about the anyone or the anything else. Is that anyway to live?

In the overheard helicopter footage it showed a fireman leading a horse away from the debris. Luckily, the horse seems very tame and responsive to the fireman’s help. But, think about that poor horse. We, as humans, we can process and figure out what took place. But, a horse has no basis of information or knowledge. To him (or her) it was simply Armageddon.

I have always been a strong opponent against keeping horse locked up in cages AKA stalls. I mean, how is that anyway for a horse to live their life. They should be running free in a field.

A few years back I wrote about how in my neighborhood there are a lot of people who keep horses as pets. Some even ride them down a busy thoroughfare. That is just not right! Caged is not where a horse should be. How would you like to be locked up in a stall for most of your life and taken out only when someone feels like riding you? Obviously, this is what that person had done as well. WRONG!!! Is that anyway for a house to live?

You know, at lot of people do a lot of things based on own their own sense of what they want or believe they need. Think of all the hoarders in the world. I’ve known a few. They stock their homes or their businesses with so much unnecessary stuff that is almost unbelievable. Yet, tell them about that fact and they get all defensive. It causes them to live in a state of hell but they are too lost in their own delusion to even realize this fact. Is that anyway to live?

In the case of these fireworks people, who knows why they had all of that stuff illegally stored at their house. It was probably a business or something??? But, what is obvious is by having all that fireworks they put other people, other animals, and other people’s property and possessions in danger. They obviously did not think or care about anyone but themselves.

I am sure they did not anticipate or hope for the fireworks to explode in the grand manner that they did. But, nonetheless, simply by owning that kind of stuff it was obvious that something like that could happen. Thus, the owners thought of no one but themselves. Is that anyway to live?

Some people allow themselves to be controlled by their demons. I mean, who else’s fault is it when negative Life Things come to control a person’s existence. The problem is, those people who are controlled by their demons are generally too lost in their self-thought and addiction to even realize or care about what is taking place; what it is doing themselves and what it is doing to others. Is that anyway to live?

How about you? Are you controlled by your demons? Are your weird idiosyncrasies in control of your life: what you do, and how you think about and behave towards others? If you are, is that anyway to live?

Defined by our individual life circumstance, we can each decide how we should live. Defined by our own mental attitude, we each decide how we take other people and other life forms into consideration. The person who only thinks about themselves: what they have, what they want, what they need, and what they possess is lost to a life defined by Self-ish-ness. If it is, is that you? Is that anyway to live your life?