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Mind Wipe

How often do you spend thinking? How often do you spend not thinking? For most, the answer is very simple, they think all the time.

Thinking has long been touted as the pathway to success—in however you define success. And, this is undoubtedly true; at least in the ways of the world. But, think how many people think too much. Their thinking drives them to emotional distress, anxiety, unhappiness, frustration, paranoia, and even mental breakdowns. Therefore, though thinking may be the pathway to accomplishment, it is also the road to mental pain.

Throughout history, particularly in the realms of Eastern understanding, turning off the mind has been propagated as an avenue to mental wellness. But, what is this process? For some, this pathway is prayer. For others, it is meditation. But, what occurs in both of these processes is that the mind is thinking. Yes, in prayer the thought process is directed towards God, (by however one defines that concept), for others who follow the realms of meditation, it involves doing things like reciting a mantra or observing the breath. But, are any of these techniques Not Thinking? No, they are simply a tool of replacing a single thought for the random thoughts that commonly exist in the mind of mankind. But, that is
not Not Thinking. Thus, though the mind may be conditioned to focus, these practices do not remove the process of thought from the mind.

In many spiritual traditions, the zealot is taught to sit down and pray or to meditate at a very specific time each day. For many, of this modern era, they do things like go to something like a yoga or a martial art class and then at the end of that class they are told to meditate. But, for most, whenever they try to turn off the thinking mind, they are met with the never-ending occurrence of the attack of random thoughts. Thus, they come to believe that they cannot truly turn off their mind. So, they no longer even try.

In truth, most people do not wish to follow the path of mental awareness. They want to think about the things of the world and the elements affecting their life. Most people, never even try to meditate and completely dismiss the process. Others feel it is for someone else but themselves. So, they make excuses. But, the fact of the fact is; yes, you can live your life without ever meditating but then all that occurs is that you have relinquished the power of your existence over to the All and the Everything that is Out There—to that whomever or whatever that forces their way into your mind by whatever means necessary. Thus, you have lived a life with no personal control.

As stated, formalized meditation is a process of causing the mind to think about one thing. Many find this hard. But, what about simply wiping the mind. Letting go of all thoughts, if even for a moment. This is much more doable and you may find it very freeing.

So… Here’s the technique. Right now, as soon as you finish reading this, try this: close your eyes, embrace the darkness and the lack of light and simply wipe the thoughts from your mind. Don’t think about it! Just do it.

What you will experience is a moment of divine thoughtlessness.

You many be able to do this technique for a few seconds or a few minutes. Each person is different. But, try it and and you will certainly feel how freeing it.

If you want, once the thoughts come back to your mind, do it again; wipe the thoughts from your mind and feel the peace.

Mental Peace is out there if your desire to feel it. And, you don’t have to do much to embrace it. Simply wipe your mind.