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The Things That Matter To No One But You

I keep this toolbox under my kitchen sink. Yeah, I guess that may be a little weird but in it I keep all the tools that I may need to use around the house. When I need them, I can easily pull it out, and there they are.
Just for the record, this is a vintage metal Craftsman toolbox; I’ve had it forever. For whatever reason, I’ve always preferred metal toolboxes. Call me, “Old School…”.
So, as the story goes, I was putting this wall hanging thing together for my lady and I needed some tools. I go to grab my handy-dandy toolbox and when I pulled it out something had happened. Somehow/someway a bunch of water had gotten under the toolbox. I guess??? And, the bottom and up the sides of the toolbox had complete rusted out. I checked and there were no leaks in the pipes or anything like that under the sink. So, I don’t know how it happened??? What I do know is that my toolbox is destroyed. I really liked that toolbox!
Getting another toolbox is easy, I get it. But, these vintage Craftsman toolboxes, in, what was, perfect condition, are very-very expensive; if you can even find them. So, what can I do?
This brings us to the point of all this… In the grand scheme of life, does my destroyed toolbox really matter? No. Do you care about it and my feelings about it? No. Does anybody care? Nope, they all have all of their own Life Stuff going on.
In life, there are things that matter to no one but you. Maybe these things are big or maybe they are small. But, no matter how big or how small, they only matter to you.
When things are lost, destroyed, stolen, taken from you, broken, or whatever, you feel that loss. You feel it, but no one else does. Most probably, no one else even cares. But, does that change the way you feel? No, it does not.
What does this tell us? It tells us that we feel, we care, we cherish certain things in our own life. But, our own life is only that, our own life. Though we wish other people would care. Though we may even hope that other people will come to our aid, that probably will not happen. So, what are we left with? What are you going to do with this fact?
The main thing to understand is that it is doubtful that anyone cares about what you care about. If they do, GREAT! You are lucky that someone cares enough about you or enough about what you care about to CARE. But, that’s rare. Even people close to you generally do not or cannot choose to understand and embrace your feelings about those things you care about.   
You can try to track down and pay top dollar for that rare vintage metal Craftsman toolbox or you can understand the reality of life; nothing lasts forever. Though neither of these things absolutely helps your situation. Nothing will truly bring back what you lost. But, if you allow yourself to be lost in what was lost, then how can you ever move forward and find that something new that you may care about even more?