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How Many Times Did You Blow It?

In each of our lives there are situations where we were offered an opportunity but, for some reason or another, we did not take it—we turned it down. The reason we make these choices are so many that they all cannot even be listed. But, the fact of the matter is, we could have done something but we did not do it and we are left forever understanding that we made the wrong decision.

How about you? How many times did you blow it? How many times were you offered a chance to make your life, your life situation, your life relationship(s), your financial wellbeing, your creative out put, (you name it); how many time were offered a chance but you did not take it?

The thing about life is you only get one chance. Sure, you may get other chances father down the road but they are something different. They are not what you were once offered.

For all of us, there is that something that we had the chance to accept, to do, to live, to experience but we did not do it. What did that not doing mean to the ultimately evolution of your life?

Sure, we can all play philosopher and say, “It wasn’t meant to happen.” But, that’s not reality, those are just words. You made a choice and you did not do something, what did that not doing ultimately mean to your life?

I have known people that have come from very humble circumstances and they made the choice to do something and they elevated the level of their life greatly. For some this was done via study and earning the appropriate degree for them to gain credibility in their field. For some this was done by marriage. For others this was done by marriage and then divorce. For certain individuals it was done by focusing on their dream and then meeting and surrounding themselves with the people that could lead them to the plateau they desired. For some it meant doing whatever it took to get them to where they wanted to be. But, no matter where these people progressed their lives towards, the one factor that got them there was that they accepted the opportunity—they took the opportunity that was given to them, they did not turn it down.

Some people define their life by what they did not do. Some people realize their mistake and struggle to regain what they should have done. Others sit back in misery ponding the fact of their bad choice and define their life by what they consider to be their, “Greatest mistake.” But, this is all Mind Games. It is not doing.

Take a moment right now and define one or more of those situations in your life—those opportunities that you were given but turned down or messed up. Think to those remembrances that periodically come to your mind where you recall that situation or that certain someone that you should have embraced or treated differently. Clearly bring it or them into focus. What was that situation? Who was that person? What did you do to blow it? Why did you blow it?

It’s important to not make this an exercise in, “Whoa is me.” It’s also essential that you do not sit there and wallow in your misery about the, “What you didn’t do and how it ruined your life.” Because you did live your life. It was just lived differently than it would have been if you had made a different choice. It is also important not to fantasy about what your life would have been like, “If only…” It didn’t happen and that is that.

The reason you want to bring one or more of those life-changing moments into focus is that it will reveal to you the nature of your being. It lets you know who you were THEN and perhaps provide you with WHY you find yourself where you find yourself in your life today.

In some case, you can reconstruct Life Situations. You can reach out to the person or persons involved. You can give IT (whatever IT is) another go. Mostly, however, what is gone is gone; the chance you had
then you will never have again so you must live with that fact. But, what you really need to do in life, in your life, is to consciously move past your mistakes and come to a new and better understanding of yourself and your life in order that you make clearer, more directed decision in the future.

At any moment of your life everything can change. We can never gage where the next opportunity may come from. But, it is we, the person, who we truly are, that must be ready to take advantage of an opportunity when it is presented to us. To do this, you must be of the right mind and open to the newness and/or the unexpectedness of any new life prospect.

Take a moment or two, look to your mistakes of the past. Seek them out in your mind, remember them, and experience the reason for making the choice you made. Then, move forward/move past that mistake. Consciously make yourself ready for the new, for the next opportunity that comes you way.

Life is a GREAT opportunity. Each day is new. Each day is unexpected. Each day is what you make of it. Allow new opportunities to come into your life. When they do, say, “Yes.”