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The Past Equals the Future or Does It?

As you pass through life, as the years and the age comes upon you, each of us will find ourselves looking back into our memories of a time gone past. For some of us, those memories are made up of things that we did, people that we knew, or possessions that we owned. For others, it is about feeling; feeling a certain way at a specific point in time. No matter the case, what all of these emotions are base upon is what was, not what is.

For me, I sometimes think back to synthesizers or guitars I owned once upon a once upon a time. I remember the music I created with them and it sets me to wishing I still owned those instruments in order to create that music again and thus re-embrace the feeling that music embodied. But, I don’t own them anymore.

I know others who think back to people. For some it was friends and a time period in their life when they were having a really good time. You can hear people (who are growing in age) reminiscing about the times-gone-past in every bar or at every family function.

For others, they look back to that person, “The one who got away.” They wish that wasn’t the case. They wish there was a Way Back, a way to re-live, a pathway to the re-doing. But, almost universally, there is not. Time and life and people move on. People make choices and sometimes those choices drive two people apart. Moreover, all of that kind of Mind Stuff is simply allowing yourself to be lost in the lie of a promised illusion that did not actually occur. That was then, this is now.

For others still, they look to a time gone past where they believe they would have felt more at home. Certainly, the 1960s, with all its craziness: peace, love, and revolution, is an ideal calling for many to harken back to. But, the reality is, if you weren’t there, you weren’t there and thus you can never be there. It is all an illusory pretend, not based in a concrete reality. It is only a fantasy and that style of fantasy keeps one from living the truth of their NOW.

This takes us to the actuality about the memories of and the memories that were. Sure, they may have been a great time. Sure, you may have felt something that you no longer feel. Sure, you may long for the love, the freedom, the creativity, the youth, the whatever of what once was, but the ultimately truth is, what was is not anymore.

So, we can all look back to times gone past. We all do it. But, if you allow the THEN to keep you from being whole and full in your NOW, then your THEN ruins any chance of making your NOW something worth remembering LATER.