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Other People’s Poison

There’s this field out in front of where I live. It spans the space of several residences. There’s this Korean lady who lives down the way from me. She’s married to a white guy, and has been forever, but she barely speaks any English and he doesn’t speak any Korean, I don’t know how they communicate, but that’s an entirely different story. A while back, she decided to clear off her patio and decided to just toss all of her unwanted flowerpots out and onto the field. There they lived for a long time; trash by any other name. Every now and then, I guess she decides she just doesn’t want to take out the trash, so I will see her flinging white plastic bags of trash out into the field. It looks really bad. Maybe she lived like that in Korea, I don’t know? But, it does not look nice. She does is what she does, thinking of no one else. Is that right?

I’m sure as we each have passed through life we have encountered people like this. People that do what they do and could care less about the impact they have on others.

Even in the, so-called, spiritual areas of life, there are people who behave in this fashion. This always surprises me, as aren’t those of a spiritual predilection supposed to think of others by the very nature of their existence?

Back in the day, I used to live in this apartment in Hermosa Beach. Nice, old school place, about a block from the beach. In moves this guy who called himself, “Monk.” …As he claimed to be an initiated Tibetan Buddhist monk. He even dressed the part. But, he lived anything but a monastic lifestyle. The stairs to his apartment were situated just outside of my bedroom. He would come home at all hours of the night stomping up the stairs, not walking silently as a true monk would walk; always in tow was a young man. He woke me up most every night. I never asked any questions, I eventually just moved. Again, another person doing what another person does but thinking of no one else but themselves. And, he claimed to be a monk! Liar!

Another case of the so-called spiritual came to my life… I spoke of this guy before, in this blog, back several years deep now. For those of you who have been reading this for a while you may remember… Anyway, he was the worst neighbor I have ever encountered. He claimed to be some sort of a spiritual something and would loudly broadcast his discourses, that he gave over the internet, to the entire neighborhood, with his windows wide open, just killing the vibes of everybody’s everything. When he wasn’t doing that, he was screaming, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me and mine,” over and over and over again, while stooping on the floor. Did he ever have some new/deep realization and apologize to me or to everyone or anyone? Nope, not a word. Yeah, he’s really spiritual! Though he and his antics killed a couple years of my (and my neighbor’s) life, he didn’t even care. The ongoing situation finally forced me to moved. …Moving is such a hassle.

But, look around you, how many people are doing what they are doing and never even thinking of how what they are doing is affecting someone else? I am sure that we each have our own stories, like the ones I just mentioned, of people bringing their poison into our lives and not even taking notice of what they have done and how what they have done has affected us and others.

So, the question(s) becomes, how many people do what they do unconsciously? How many people do what they do consciously? How many people do things because they hope to upset the life of someone else verse how many people do things just because they are so unconscious that they cannot even care? How about you? What do you do that affects someone else? Do you ever even ponder this question as you are doing? Or, do you just do? Your answer reveals a lot about yourself.

The fact is, in life, we are all going to encounter people who do what they do and do not care about whom they do it to. Whether knowingly or not, this is what they do. That is who they are. The only thing you can do to combat this process is to be the best, most conscious, individual that you can be. Be the person that others should be. Be conscious, be kind, be understanding about the life space of others. If you invaded someone else’s something, apologize and go and clean up your mess. Because, at the end of the day, though we all will encounter those who did not care what they did to our life, we don’t have to be that kind of a person.