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All the Things That You Think You Know

What do you know? What do you think you know? Why do you think you know it?

I imagine we have all been in one of those situations where we were somewhere and someone is talking about something and we believe we know something about the subject of which they speak. Of course, people talk about so much stuff, it is almost unfathomable. So, whatever someone has the potential of talking about runs the gambit of all reality. But, every now and then, I am sure, someone is saying something, and you feel like you really need to chime in and add your thoughts to the conversation. Do you? This is one of the questions that defines who you are as a human being. Are you one of the outspoken KNOWERS? Or, are you simply a person who believes you know what you believe you know and keeps it to yourself?

In all conversations, people speak about what they think about—they talk about what they believe they know. That’s just life. But, how often is what they say (is what you say) based simply upon something you heard which then lead you to your beliefs? How often is what you say simply based in some self-concocted ideology based on nothing more than some opinion that emulated from your own mind? Moreover, how often is what you say wrong?

There is this great trick of manipulation that has been going on on-line forever. The trick is, someone posts a comment stated as a fact and attaches maybe a photo or a video about some-something. Then, that same person, via a different account, or perhaps one of their cohorts quotes that statement and references that photo or video in order to make what they are saying sound like it is based in fact. But, is it? This technique can go on and on from there. It has the potential to expand exponentially. But, is belief—is desired opinion a fact or is it simply what a person believes based in whatever concoction of principles and philosophies that person holds? And, does believing a lie propagated by another person ever become the truth no matter how often it is quoted or referenced?

It really comes down to the question, how much of anyone’s life (how much of your life) is based upon actual fact compared to how much of life is based upon belief, opinion, and/or a desired ideology that someone wants others to hold? Do you ever think about this as you are obtaining knowledge? Do you ever think about this before you believe your beliefs? Do you ever think about this before you chime into a conversation and put in your two-cents?

Life is based in a person’s belief that spreads outwards to others. Beliefs may be believed by a small or a large number of people. But, does a belief actually mean anything? Does anyone speaking what they think they know mean anything if what they are saying is based upon nothing more than what they think concocted from a credo spread forward from the mind of someone who has no basis in truth?

From your speech you can spread the goodness of truth or you can spread the badness of personal unfounded opinion(s). As in all things life, it is your choice. Who do you want to be, the person who speaks the truth or simply the person who wants others to believe what you believe simply because you believe it? Your life, your choice.