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When Your Light Grow Dim

The one reality of life is that you will come into existence and then you will be no more. It has been debated since the dawn of time, the origin and the reason for human existence, but all any conclusion that has been concluded is based upon nothing more than faith and speculation. Life is life. That is all any of us know, until we know it no more.
In life, while you are alive, this is the place where people strive for a fulfilled existence. Some have it much easier than others. That’s the truth. Again, since the dawn of human evolution it has been discussed and debated what is the reason for this, but the fact of the fact is, there is no absolute answer.
An untold number of people have made their living, some even becoming very wealthy, by promising a road to Life Happiness. But, when their method fails in any one person’s life, it is the person themselves who are blamed for the failure, not the proclaimer. Thus, this process, in and of itself, is substantially flawed.
If you look to life, you will see that some people rise to the top of their game and succeed. When they are at the top of their game, that is when you take notice and know who they are. If you follow their entire life path, however, most will fall from your and the world’s field of vision. They will fade into the abstract of the unknown and the unremembered. Again, that is just the way it is.  
It is easy to follow this pattern, particularly in this time of rapid and ongoing change. Think to a TV actor on a TV show you once liked, look to a writer who caught your attention and you liked to read their words, remember a musician you were once drawn to and listened to their music over and over again, even remember an internet star who you sought out their posts, more likely than not, they have faded from public view. Not all, but most. And, if not today, tomorrow.
This is just the obvious example of life, ideally illustrated by someone who has risen into your field of vision that you would not have otherwise known. If they are here and then gone, why would you and your life be any different?
People seek out belief systems and life-promises that tell them they may live on forever. This is why religion is so prominent in all societies. Is there any formalized and highly-embraced religion that does not promise eternity in some manner? No. Thus, there are always those who seek out the teachers and the teachings of something that promises that you will live forever, that you will be here tomorrow in some way, shape, or form. But, will you? If you look to the obviousness of life, it is proven this will not be the case.
Seeking is an obvious part of human nature. It is a trait that has been highly cultivated throughout the millenniums and it is constantly taught that it is a good thing. “Seek and ye shall find.” Or, more precisely, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Mathew 7:7. But, all of this is based in the promise of obtaining what you want and working towards what you desire. But, what happens with desire? It sets you on a course of a constant state of lack of fulfillment. A place that where you are and what you have is never enough. This is the state of mind where you turn to teachers and teachings that promise you a pathway to forever. But, there is no forever. All that is, all that can ever be, is a system of belief that is not based in reality, only the promises motived by the hopes of the vast majority of the world’s population that desire to live, be loved, and be successful forever. But, if there was a guaranteed pathway for this, wouldn’t it be recognized and practiced by everyone?
In life, you will live. If you are here reading this, you are alive. But, that is all you are guaranteed in this moment. Think about all of your desires: fulfilled and unfulfilled. Envision all of the things you hope to obtain. Look to your life a year, ten years, or at the doorway to your death, who is there and who will be there? Will you arrive in a state of emancipated grace or will you be there looking for the promise of something more, promised to you by someone who has no control over anything?
The light in everyone’s life shines and then it fades. Everyone is drawn to a shining light. But, if you cannot embrace the peace that arises in the dimness, all you will have done is to force yourself to live in the constant state of seeking a lie that promises you a forever—a falsehood that can never come to be.