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Everything for Free but Who Pays the Price?

As we have just crossed over into the new year, 2024. And, as is seemingly the case each year, several new laws have come into effect. Okay…
Here in California, one of the new decrees is that illegal immigrants, or more politically correct, undocumented immigrants, will be able to get health insurance for free. Yes, free.
Me, a person who was born here, has to pay an exorbitant amount for my health insurance each month. But, if I were here illegally, I could get my health insurance for free. How is that right?
Now, don’t get me wrong, and for those of you who actually know me, you know, I am all about helping people whenever I can. But, where is the money for this free health insurance coming from? Answer: the taxpayers, like me. So, not only do we have to pay for our own health insurance, but we have to pay for other people’s as well.
I’m not against immigration. My grandparents came to the U.S. from Scotland seeking a better life. But, they did it by the book. My lady and her family came here from South Korea. But, they also did it legally. Once here, they immediately begin to contribute. So, I am not faulting immigrants.
But, what do we learn from this free health insurance equation? Free is never free. Someone has to pay for it.
Just the other night, at a shopping mall that is close to where I live, Del Amo, the word went out that there was to be a massive smash and grab robbery to take place. They showed on the news that over a thousand young African-American people arrived at the shopping center with thievery on their mind. Who does that? What kind of person feels that it is okay to go and rob someone else? Yet, there they were.
The police had found out about what was about to happen and hundreds of them, from different departments, descended on Del Amo and stopped the rampage. But, think what would have happened to the people, the workers, and the businesses in that mall if that mass robbery had been allowed to occur. A lot of people, a lot of businesses, and a lot business owners, would have been hurt. Is hurting ever right? Is stealing ever right?
I guess all this, “Get it for Free Mentality,” began at the point in the evolution of the internet when Napster started peer-to-peer file sharing. Sure, things like that were going on before, but I think that is what drew a massive amount of attention to the minds of the masses that everything should be free. Legal battles and all that stuff followed. But, in all of that, people decided they wanted everything for free. They just started taking. How about you? How much do you take or take-in for free and pay no fee? Do you ever even think about the ramifications of your actions?
Last night, I rewatched the 2021 documentary, Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché. You kind of had to be around at the birth of the Punk movement to know about her and her band’s music. But, the documentary is interesting. One of the things the doc alluded to was her belief that fame without fortune becomes a problem, as the two are assumed to go hand-in-hand. But, that is not necessarily the case. I know I, in my own small way, have felt that way and encountered the problems of that situation. For with fortune, in association with fame, you have lawyers and people who are paid to take care of you. Without that fortune, however, you are left to your own device. And, this is where you can be easily attacked. From this, we can understand that by paying for things, you can get what you need, be it protection or whatever, but by not paying, you are left in a vacuum.
What this, and, in fact, all of life comes down to is, what a person wants and if they want it from you. Whenever anyone steals or takes something for free, they are not caring about the impact of what their actions will do to that someone else. They are only thinking about the fact that they want something, for whatever reason, and they want it for free.
There are a lot of things we are forced to give away for free. Like us here in Cali, we are forced to pay for illegal immigrant’s health insurance. But, it goes much deeper than that. It is more based on what
you are willing to take. …The what you are willing to take for free.
But, at the deeper root of this is what are
you willing to pay? What are you willing to give?
Here’s an idea… Sure, we all want what we want, and it is great if we can get it for free. But, let’s turn this around. Even if you are getting what you are getting for free, why don’t you give something back in return? Why don’t you pay for it? What don’t you do something as a form of recompense for that person you are getting your whatever from?
As I always say, all life begins with you. It is you who can make the difference. Even if that something is offered for free, why don’t you care enough about the person who is giving it to you and pay them something in some way. Don’t you think that would make all of the world a better place?