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The World is Full of Illusion

The world is full of illusion. I have spend much of my life delving into the reality of true reality and if what is real is actually real or is it simply an illusion.

Most people don’t care. They live what they live, do what they do, and don’t think about any of this too much. They could care less. They only care about what they care about. They only face the truth of life when something they care about is taken from them, when they get a terminal disease, or when someone they love dies. Then, it is face the music.

But, there is life. There is reality. There is the truth. There is truthful human interaction. Then, there is all this other stuff. All this stuff that people put out there. All the lies that people tell.

Think about the On-Line, it is so full of illusion. I think about all the people that friend me on Facebook. So many of them appear to be pretty girls. I accept and then I get a, “Hi,” in my messages. But, who are they really? What are they really? And, why did they friend me? What do they really want? And, if you want to start a conversation, I am happy to communicate with anyone—anyone that is real, but you have to start that conversation with more than, “Hi.”

It’s kind of like the people who are trolling for followers on Instagram. I noticed this a long time ago. People will follow you. You follow them back. Then, they stop following you. All so they can make their numbers grow, while following few. But, why? What does that prove? Me, if you’re real, I’m happy to follow back—see what you post, as long as it is cool and positive. But, it has become so hard to know. So, I rarely follow back anymore. I just do not want to play that game.

Again, I’m happy to be your friend. But, why do you want to be mine?

And, that’s the thing, the real world is rarely the on-line world. The on-line world is all about the illusion. It is all about the deception.

In life, you really need to constantly ask yourself, what is real? What is real with you? Are you/do you tell the truth? What false reality do you put out there? And, why? What is real with the people you know? Is what they say and do, real and true, or do they project a lie? And, why?

If you live a lie, if you project a lie, all of your reality is defined by a lie. How could you expect to experience anything else? So, if you want to live the truth, if you want to know the truth, you have to be the truth. You have to be it in your All and your Everything. If not, all you will contribute to, all you will live, is a further perpetuation of the lie.