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The Illusionary Self

The Illusionary Self… I could talk with you about his all day long. …About how what you think you are almost never is what you truly are and what you think about: who, what, when, where, and why is almost universally false. It is all just a self-projected illusion.

All this is one of the core foundations of Hinduism and Buddhism.

I could talk to you about this subject but I generally don’t because I want to bring people together. I hope to give them a new set of parameters on which they can rethink and rebuild a better Self. And, the fact of the matter is, most people do not care about this level of metaphysical mind stuff.

But, think about it, you and I live a completely different life in a completely different world. Even my friends who are out there reading this, though we may share similar interests, we are completely different people.

When you walk into a book store what section do you go to? That section may be very different from the section I would travel to. When you look out onto the cityscape, what do you see? What catches your eye? The things that you look for most probably are very different from what I look for. What catches my eye is most probably something you may never even see unless I point it out. We are each very different people and this is just one illustration of the illusion that people embrace each day of their life believing that they are different yet the same.

This is why I always caution people about attempting to understand or describe another individual. This is especially the case when they don’t personally know that person. At best, all you are doing is judging them. And, what is judgment? It is simply you attempting to place your own life understandings and life definitions onto that individual. But, how can you do that? You don’t them. You will never know. So, how can you pretend you understand them on any level?

Again, this is just another simply illustration of the illusion of life and how people fall prey to it.

Here’s the fact, most people don’t care about any of this. If they hear about it they will simply dismiss it. All this is something that they never even contemplate. All they think about is their life: what they think, what they want, what they feel, and what they must do on a daily basis. The mind of most people is constantly locked into a pattern of useless thought driven only by the life and the lifestyle they are living. They never attempt to rise themselves to any new level of understanding. They just think as they think as they think.

Again, the is another, more precise, illustration of how people fall prey to the Illusionary Self.

No one is better or worse than any other person in this world. Yes, there are people who do bad things: they hurt, they steal, and they lie. And, that’s just a few of the most obvious crimes of a bad person. But, how a person thinks does not make them a bad person. What a person thinks about does not make them a bad person. Higher and Lower Self are simply a byproduct of the judging mind which, again, is simply an illustration of the Illusionary Self.

So, here’s the question(s): How much do you think you know about life? How much do you think you know about you? How much do you think you know about me? How much do you think you know about anyone? What do you think about? Why do you think about it? And, perhaps more importantly, who controls your thoughts? Why do you believe what you believe?

When you look at life, what do you see? Do you see the projection of your own reality? Or, do you see through the illusion? Do you understand that life is nothing more that a process of you passing from birth to death based solely upon your desires and how you believe things to be?

If all you see is what you see, you do not see the illusion. If all you feel is what you feel, you do not take the time to understand your participation in the fact that what is occurring to your life and why it is occurring to your life is all due to your Life Projection. Your today occurs based on what you did yesterday. How you feel today is based upon what you have decided is good and what you have decided is bad. But, the fact of the fact is, all of this means nothing. It’s just you projecting your Illusionary Self into your mind and onto the reality of all those you encounter.

Try seeing the illusion. Try stepping back from what you think is right and real. Try understanding that not everything you believe is true and you may find a new understanding that causes you to step away from your Illusionary Self if even for a moment.

Try it if you feel like it. You never know what you may find.