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You Have Control Over Your Life, Just Most People Don’t Choose to Use it

I noticed around my neighbor that this person had put up flyers asking for everyone to check their door-cams for sightings of their cat as it has gone missing. That’s sad, I thought. I know how it feels to love a furry friend.
In the past, I have seen the cat walking around. Then, as now, I questioned why someone would let such a pretty cat just wander the neighbor?
The owner put a new flyer up, stating that someone must have taken the cat’s collar off which was equipment with an Apple Air Tag. …You know, one of those things that everyone is now putting on other people’s something so that they can illegally track them.
I have no idea what happened to the cat or the cat’s Apple Air Tag. I wish I did, as I would love to help them find their missing friend. But, in their current flyer, they are blaming some thief or some something for taking their cat’s collar off and then throwing it over some wall.

Here’s my question/statement, if you did not let your cat roam around aimlessly outside in the first place, none of this would have happened. Yes, it may be the fault of someone else for absconding with your furry friend, but the true blame lies wholly with you for letting your cat go outside unsupervised.
This is the thing about life, everybody has control. They have a choice to make at each juncture of their life about what they are going to do next. They make that choice, but if they don’t like the outcome, then they look for someone else to blame. But, it’s no one else’s fault! They made a choice. They took an action, which led to a result. Their fault!
Of course, I feel for these people. I am sure they love their cat. But, as a cat owner myself, I would never let my cats just go roaming as I have seen far too often what happens to those pets that are let out into the merciless world where they are hurt, injured, stolen, or killed.
If you care for something, keep it close. Particularly, a furry friend that does not possess the capacity to battle human or animal kind.
You have a choice to make at every intersection of your life. But, no matter the outcome, good or bad, that choice was and is your choice. You made it. If your choice goes wrong, blame no one but yourself.