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Driving Slow in the Fast Lane AKA Overstepping Your Authority

We all have our pet peeves when we drive. One of mine is when people who go slow in the fast lane.

I was driving home today. I live in this community up on a hill so coming and going always involved driving up or down a hill.

I was driving uphill and there was this large pickup truck with a camper shell on it going slow in the fast lane. I jam on past it. The moment I do, the driver honks his (or her) horn, and then hits his lights. He obviously has his lights hooked up so they flash on and off kinda like a cop car. I guess he didn’t like my speed and wanted to express his dissatisfaction about my passing him in the slow lane. What a loser!

I was up in Santa Cruz, this one time, a few times back. Now, the whole vibe of Santa Cruz has really changed in recent years. It has become a major tourist mecca. Add into that all the Silicon Valley folk who have moved in, and it is crowded!

There is this street in Santa Cruz that goes along the ocean. Back in the day, I used to always leave town via that street. I did it just for the view. Maybe I would stop and walk down to the beach and stuff like that but now that street is almost always constantly jammed with cars so I almost never drive on it. But, this one time I did…

Anyway, I was driving along it and this old hippie in his Volkswagen van was driving very slow, totally holding up the flow of traffic. As this is only a two-lane street: one lane going one way, one lane going the other, it took a while for me to pass. Finally I did. But, then he speeds up. At the next stop sign he pulls up next to me in the turn lane and goes off about my speed. I ask him, “Are you a cop?” “No.” “Then, fuck you, hippie!”

Now, maybe this guy had lived in SC his whole life, I don’t know? Maybe he saw the change and didn’t like it. Maybe he felt like he was somehow in control of that street. But, he was not. The one thing for sure is that he overstepped his authority.

Here’s the thing, there are some people who somehow feel that what they think and what they do is right and what you or I think or do is wrong. They feel they are somehow the moral judge of all of humanity in whatever sphere they dwell. But, they are not.

People like this always operate from a perspective of insecurity. They live a life based upon a lack of accomplishment. Because, if they had accomplished something/anything they would not be trying to cast their judgment and expand their authority onto others.

Now, this goes to all aspects of life. Look around you, how many people do you know that believe they have their right to cast their judgment onto others—in whatever manner that judgment may be cast? Do you? How many people do you know who try to control the actions of others based upon how they believe all people should or should not act? Do you?

Your life is defined by your own realm of reality, just as my life is defined by mine. But, I don’t try to judge you and/or exercise any control over what you do or do not do. Those who live their life based upon judgment and their attempted control over others have actually taken the Truth away from their own life because they are dominated by the actions of others. From this, they are sent into a constant state of conflict because the fact of life is, rarely are other people going to behave in manner that you or I feel is wholly appropriate.

It is really essential that we all constantly take stock of our life and truly view what we are thinking, how we are behaving, and how we act and react to others. Your life is your life. But, your life is not my life. You have no right to judge what I do or do not do and/or to tell me how I should live.