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Your Truth, My Truth, No Truth

I was watching the new docuseries, The Garden: Commune or Cult on HBO Max last night. I’m not really sure how REAL the show is as they are intentionally introducing new people to the group from different backgrounds. It is all kind of contrived. But, isn’t that what Reality TV is all about?  
Mostly, what I find interesting about the show is that there is this group of people, living off the grid and embracing a semi-spiritual/natural lifestyle. I mean, most of the men (and women) don’t shave their various parts, their hair is long and dreadlocked or matted. It is all the world that I came into adulthood within. So, I am very drawn to that style of people. Or am I?
It’s like of like back in the ‘60s or the ‘70s, if you were walking that path and you saw a guy with long hair or a woman walking a natural/spiritual path via their hair or their clothing you kind of felt like you were part of the same tribe. But, though this was my case for a time, soon I began to realize that just because a guy had long hair that did not make him a good person. Meaning, outward appearances are deceiving.  …As they always were, as they always will be. Nonetheless, I see those men, and particularly those women on the show, and it hits that spot in me—remembrances of a time gone past.
This all leads us to the truth of the truth, or at least my perception of it. These people dumpster dive for food. Is that a way to live? For them, maybe??? But, there’s a lot of all kinds of bad whatever in that process.
The (NON) leader of this group, he says his parents met at the Rainbow Festival in ’83. He grew up in the woods, living a life and lifestyle based upon the philosophy of the Rainbow Family.
If you don’t know about it, The Rainbow Festival is a gathering that takes place generally once a year, where thousands of hippies and holies gather at one location. Each year, it’s in a different spot. I went to it in the ‘70s. …Had a horrible experience!
To tell the story, I used to get very severe migraines known as ocular, visual, or migraine with aura, that would progress into temporary aphasia, where I could not speak for a time. Though my thoughts were very normal in my brain, I could not articulate words. This happened to me there.
Just a note: this was years before I knew what was happening to me. So, it was really scary. I had no idea what was taking place.
Anyway, the setting was all these people had arrived long before me. Back then, some wanted to get there way early and never leave. I went there because Ram Dass was attending that year’s event.  Anyway, when we got there, it was so crowded, there was no place for my girlfriend and I to set up our tent. Plus, I couldn’t speak to her—only in the most rudimentary words. She had no idea what was going on with me. I was afraid. Feeling terrible with my vision completely blocked by the migraine, my brain vibrating with pain, and feeling very nauseous—all symptoms of an intense ocular/visual migraine. All, as we were trying to find a place to set up our tent. In other words, it was a horrible experience!
Finally, I said, “Fuck it.” I got enough words together to tell her we had to leave, and we did. Which equaled us hiking up this horrible and steep muddy trail that we had walked in upon. Bad, bad, bad!  So, that’s my one experience with the Rainbow Family and the Rainbow Festival.
The point of this discourse being, some people/most people live by a certain set of standards. Others do not. Though there is the accepted norm, is that norm the reality of all reality? Is it your reality? Is my reality your reality. Is your reality my reality?
The people in this aforementioned Reality Show are very consciously attempting to change the reality of the greater reality. …To live by a different set of standards.  But, how different is their different if they dumpster dive for food. Aren’t they simply taking what the greater reality of reality has to offer; but just taking it for free?
It’s kind of like this morning, I had won an auction for a grouping of books on eBay. I didn’t hear anything from the people selling the books for like a week, though they had very good feedback, so I was kind of surprised. I contacted them. Nothing… I contacted them again and they finally got back to me telling me that they had accidentally double listed the books and had given them to the other buyer. Okay… That’s not how eBay words. But… Though I’m generally not about leaving negative feedback, I thought that was kind of messed up. So, I stated my case via the feedback section on eBay. Within a few minutes they messaged me, totally trying to turn it around on me, like it was my fault. WHAT! They even called me a liar and said, “How Zen or Enlightened is that?” You see, this brings me to the problem of being Scott Shaw. I can’t even speak because people demand I behave a certain way. If I don’t, even like in this case of these people making a mistake, they want to take it out on me. But, it was them who cheated me out of the books!
PS: The person they sold the books to bid on them three days after I had won the initial auction and they paid $100.00 plus more in that auction than the auction I had won. Hummm… Wonder why they sent the books to that bidder and not me???
Lord knows, via my books, my movies, my whatever, I’ve experienced my share of criticism. Add to this, I’m not allowed to state my option or, if I do, people will look up my stuff and criticize my whatever creation as a means of getting back at me or talk shit about me online. But, no one ever goes out of their way to write positive stuff about me when I leave positive feedback. It’s hard being Scott Shaw. Happy
The point in all of this is, what is your reality and how does your reality affect the world around you? You can be as counterculture as you want to be, but how does you doing what you do affect the greater reality of the all and the everything? Moreover, how does you living your reality draw from any other reality you may despise? Do you dumpster dive to eat? If you do, isn’t that’s just taking from someone else. Taking from someone else’s reality. Taking but not giving?  
In addition, when you make a mistake, (as we all do sometimes), who do you blame for that mistake? Yourself or the person you made the mistake against? What do you do when you make a mistake? Do you say, “Sorry,” and try to correct that mistake or do you turn it around on the other individual?
Your reality is your reality. But, all reality is interactive. You can want to live your life by any means you want. But, all action leads to reaction. What is your action? How does your desired reality create your action. And, what do your actions mean to the life of other people? Mostly, how much do you care about anyone but yourself?

PS: The Garden is not a cult as each individual owns their own possessions, they are not required to donate them to the greater ALL, and they can leave whenever they want.