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We All Owe Somebody Something

We all owe somebody something. Throughout all of our lives there have been people who have taught us things, opened doors for us, and if it were not for them we would not be who and what we ultimately become.

In some cases, our memory of and our reverence for these people is very prominent in our minds. In other cases, we pretend that they do not exist and that they did not help us. In fact, in some cases, some people are so self-involved that they do not even realize the help someone gave them. In any of these cases, this does not change the fact that there have been people in all of our lives that have helped us.

I think to the many martial artists I have known over my fifty plus years of involvement in these systems of self-defense. Early on, I realized that many of the practitioners, who became teachers, began to extradite the people who taught them from their life. As they personally came to hold a more prominent position of influence they did not want their students to know where the basis of their knowledge came from. This was particularly the case if they had trained under the lineage of a Western instructor. This ideology may have been based in the fact that they did not want their students to go to the source where they gained their knowledge or it may have been simply based in ego. Whatever the case, many removed their true teachers from their résumé. In some cases, these practitioners would replace their true teachers with some mythical Asian instructor that was impossible to locate. In other cases, they would associate themselves with an Asian-based teacher or organization in order to appear to be closer to the true source of the system. In either/any case, who was truly owed what became hidden.

In the film industry, I have also witnessed people removing the people who have truly opened a door for them from their résumé. As I have long stated, the film industry is an impossible game. Though thousands/millions of people hope to become part of it every year, very few find their way in. And, virtually anyone who does accomplish this is guided in via someone opening the door for them. Yet, if an individual becomes successful, that door-opening, helpful person is very commonly overlooked. Again, this may be based in ego or it may be based in a person hoping to appear to be more than they actually are. Whatever the case, the true person who is owed something is ignored.

People help us on all levels of our life. Whether it was a specific teacher in school or someone at the workplace. Maybe it was simply someone who was a good friend when we needed one. Whatever the case, we all owe somebody something.

Take a look at the world around you. Take a look at the successful people that you know. How did they get there? Were they not helped by someone? In fact, take a look at the successful people that you know, do you ever question who helped them obtain their success and whom they are not thanking for the help they received?

Everyone who rises to any level of anything has been helped: the martial arts instructor, the movie star, the film director, the author, the musician, the teacher, the journalist, the broadcast journalist, the manager at the company, the book reviewer or the online movie reviewer who speaks about other peoples creations; they did not write the book, they did not make the film so they owe the creator who actually did, a lot. They have a job because of that author or because of that filmmaker. The list goes on and on and on. You simply have to open your eyes to see the truth about who is owed what and if other people, (and if you), are willing to give credit where credit is do.

So… Here’s the exercise for the day… First of all look outwards to the people that you know and know of who have become successful. Who did they learn from? Who opened a door for them? Who helped them get to where they are? And, do they give credit where credit is due?

Once you have thoroughly explored that level of your life and your life relationships turn the microscope on you. And, it’s important to be very honest with yourself… Think about your life… Think about where you find yourself in life… Who helped you get to where you are? Who passed on knowledge to you that helped you grow in life? Who opened a door for you? Who created something that allowed you to move forward towards becoming who you hoped to be?

Help arises from so many levels of life that they cannot all be listed. For each person it is different. Who do you owe what to and why? And, are you willing to give credit where credit is due?

We all owe somebody something. If you don’t pay your debt all you become is an individual based in deception.

Give credit where credit is due. Thank those who have helped you in either a small or a large way. Believe me, it makes everything just a little bit better.