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Montage and Who Cares About Anybody Anyway?

Have you ever had one of those days where your life kinda feels like a montage or a music video or something? …Kinda when events are so cinematic it is not like real life. That’s kind of what went on with me today.

You know, like that great song, “Montage,” from the movie Team America World Police.

Anyway, a friend of mine asked me to come by and lays down some notes on his new recording. I felt kind of weird because Eddie Van Halen just passed away yesterday. He was certainly one of the greatest rock players of all time. As far as I am concerned, to date, there has only been two people who truly changed rock n’ roll guitar forever. The first was Jimi Hendrix and the second was Eddie Van Halen. Arguably, there were other players of his generation who may be considered better guitarist: Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia, Jon McLaughlin, but his contribution to the evolution of rock n’ roll guitar is undeniable.

I’ve noticed that MTV Classic is playing back-to-back Van Halen videos today. That’s great! It was fun to sit back and watch a few of them and remember…

Anyway… I was a bit reluctant due to COVID-19 and all that but I thought everyone would be cool at the studio and they would do the social distancing thing and have all that worked out. So, I got in my car and clicked on one of my all time favorite band, Dinosaur Jr. and I let the music play. But, from the moment I got in the car everything changed.

I don’t know what it is but is seems that everyone has forgotten how to drive. I first noticed this after the first lock down of COVID-19, when for a long while there was nobody on the road; even here in a place like L.A., then things started to open up and when people began to drive again they either forgot how to drive or they no longer cared about the fact that there are other people on the road. In about two or three miles three people had pulled out of streets or driveways, directly in front of me, and completely cut me off. Like one of those 3-D effects in a movie. Right there in your face.

I get to the studio. Walk in. And, it was like I had stepped back to 1980 something. I was wearing a mask but everyone else was just there hanging out like nothing was going on out in the world. Hell, the president just got COVID last week.

Everybody was sitting in this small room behind the board, talking and joking. They had coke laid out and people were snorting it.

Truthfully, I wish I could step back in time a few decades and powder my nose. But, it would probably kill me if I did it now. So, I passed on the offers. But, the scene it all looked like a music video. A bunch of rockers in a studio drinking, snoring coke, and recording music. So, strange…

Me, I just had to leave. I don’t want to take the chance of getting sick.

I told my friend to send me what he had recorded and I would add something to it for him from my home studio if he still wanted me to. I mean, I get it… The whole thing of collaborating is interacting face-to-face. But, right now, this is just not the time to live what was going on at that studio.

Kind of like that great song and music video from Twenty-One Pilots, Level of Concern where the two guys are working in two different studios and then mailing what they have created to the other one only to find out, at the end of the video, that they live next door to each other. “Would you be my little quarantine…” Happy

Anyway, I left. Listening to Dinosaur Jr. again; two more cars cut me off en route home.

I stopped as I needed gas and I watched as the people in this station were insanely selfish. I mean, don’t you hate it when there are two pumps in a row and the person who got there first parks in the middle and takes up both spots. That, plus people snaking spots from one another and one guy backing up without looking and almost hitting the car that was trying to pull up to a spot but they saw him coming, slammed their car into reverse, and got out of the way. The guy obliviously drove on and didn’t even notice what he had almost done.

It was weird… There was so much movement. It was like a Mechanical Ballet.

That’s the other thing I’ve noticed since we've all gone outside again. Most people just don’t seem to give a fuck. All they think about is themselves. But, I’ll get to that in a minute.

The high point of my gas getting experience was that this attractive young woman pulls up and gets out of her car to pump her gas. She was total 1980s Video Vixen material. The way she flicked her hair back was so funny. If she had been in slow motion with a fan blowing her hair it could all have been a video production. Combine this with the fact that she was wearing a brand spanking new Iron Maiden tee shirt. It made me smile. How bizarre.

After getting my gas, I hopped back in my car, clicked back on and blasted Dinosaur Jr. as I drove home.

So… Here’s the question(s) for the day… Take a moment an really think about each one…

What are the things that you care about?

What are the things that you think about in regard to the things that you care about?

What are the things you care about in regard to other people?

Do you change what you are doing to make someone else’s something better or do you not think about anyone else but yourself at all?

Life is an interactive experience. You can either interact in a conscious manner or you just steam roll your way through your existence thinking about and caring only about yourself.

Who are you?

What do you do?

Do you ever think about any of this or anyone else?

Do you care about the people you don’t know?

Do you jam out onto the street before you look to see if any other car is coming?

Do you take two spots at the pump at the gas station?

Do you back up without looking?

Or, do you wear a fun tee shirt that makes people smile?

Your life. Your choice. You can either make the world better or worse.