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Hate is Hate

Certainly, we have all seen rising cases of Asian hate on the news. …Where some coward comes up behind a person and sucker punches them, knocks them down, shoves them in front of a subway, and stuff like that. That is just wrong!
In India, there are rising cases of hate against Muslims, propagated by the Hindu majority. Wrong!
In Israel, there is all of the hate and life changing actions that goes on against the Palestinians. Wrong!
Just the other day, the Supreme Court, here in the United States, overturned Roe verses Wade. On one hand, that decision will stop the killing of unborn life. On the other hand, it takes the choice away from women as to whether or not they are ready or willing to have a child, which will cause more children to be born into this world that may be raised in horrible circumstances, thus leading to a possibly tragically lived life and the dissemination of bad deeds actualized by that initially unwanted individual. This Supreme Court decision has equaled all kinds of protesting; some violent.
These are just a couple of examples of all the hurt orientated conflict that is going on across the globe but in each of these cases an individual person takes a side and does what they do based upon what they believe is right. But, if what you believe equals hate, hurt, destruction, and damage, on any level, how can that be right?  Yet, look into your own mind, don’t you believe what you believe to be right? How often do you even consider the other individual’s point of view?
Each protest is made up of people taking to the streets (or wherever) believing what they believe is right and who or what they are protesting against is wrong. But, there would be no protest if someone else did not believe the exact opposite. So, who is right? Who is wrong? Do you believe that simply by believing what you believe, that makes you right? If you do believe this, don’t you think that signals that you are a fairly ego-driven, self-absorbed individual?
The thing in life is, you grow a belief—based upon whatever… From this, you choose a side. If you choose a side, you have chosen a side. If you form an opinion, you have set yourself up to be in conflict with someone else.
No matter how much you believe you are right, and that someone else is wrong, based upon whatever source of reference you may claim, all you are doing is believing and stating something, based upon the belief that you are right and they are wrong. From this, you
personally have set competition into motion and from competition there will always be a winner and loser. How does one get to the position of winning or losing? By competing. From this is born the need to try to win and within this mentality arises the mindset where some people take their opinion to the level of hurt, violence, and destruction. The people who do this, most commonly, believe that what they are doing is okay and possibly even right. But, how can it be? They are hurting another human being. And, no matter what that person’s race, religion, or belief system is, they too are a human being. How can hurting them bring any good?
One can say that opinions, in and of themselves, are bad as they cause conflict.  But, how many people are mindful enough to allow their opinions to simply reside in their own mind and be their opinions and not attempt to spread their opinion to the world or congregate with those who hold similar opinions?  
How about you? What do you do based upon your opinions? Do your opinions cause you to enter into conflict? Do your opinions cause you to hurt other people? Face facts, if they do, then that means you are walking down the road of conflict. What does conflict lead to? Hurt.
People can be more. People can hold an opinion and not attempt to spread that opinion in a destructive manner. People can understand that other people believe differently than they do and from this knowledge accept all people for who they are. But, ego always seems to come into play. Especially via those who believe their opinions matters more than someone else’s.
The truth of life is, there is no absolute right or wrong. There only is belief. If your belief causes you to hurt anyone or anything then what you are doing, by its very nature, is wrong. Hurt only equals retribution. Though you may win a battle, if you create a war, you will eventually be consumed by it.
Allowing people to be what they are, to believe what they believe, think how much less hurt there would be spreading across the world. If everyone could just turn off their opinions, or at least just keep them to themselves, don’t you think that peace would reign supreme?