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Actions in the Echo Chamber

In this life, all actions have a reaction. Everything you do equals something else. As much as people want to hide from this fact and pretend that it is not the truth, a person’s actions always catch up to them.

The reason I speak about this subject so frequently is that I am very commonly questioned by people who are dissatisfied with their life or frustrated by the fact that they have not achieved what they hoped to achieve in life. They want to know why they are stuck where they are stuck in their life. First of all, as I always say, if you have no desires then all of your desires are fulfilled. You are free. But, few people are able to let go of what they want out of life. From this, one must further investigate why they find themselves where they find themselves in life and why something is lacking.

Many people believe that they can hide from the actions they have unleashed if no one sees them perform those actions. But, think about the world today. People live on the internet. But, all actions performed on the internet are being followed by the abstract mind of Big Data. Moreover, for those with the skillset, they can easily tack down who has done what. They simply need to be given the motivation to do so.

There are cameras everywhere. Security cameras are recording everything/all the time. Most of us have security cameras in our homes watching over all those who encroach on our living space. In times gone past, people could do things to where a person lived and get away with it. No longer. People are seen. Their faces are recorded and kept in the cloud for eternity. All that is needed is a reason to expose who they are.

Pretty much everybody has a cellphone. Think about all of the crazy things that are broadcast on the news by people who recorded the bad actions unleashed by somebody who thought what they were doing was unseen.

The fact being the fact, you can no longer do and not be known for your doing. But, that should not be your motivation, guiding you towards doing what you do. Your motivation should be that you are consciously doing good things and never knowingly doing bad things.

Think about it… When somebody has done something nice for you, how did that make you feel? Good, I would imagine. From that nice action, you were probably motivated to do nice things and perhaps be kind to and help other people.

Now, think about when someone has done something bad to you. How did that make you feel? Very negative, I would suppose. How long did you feel negative about that action and that person? Probably for as long as that action affected you. Thus, that action reverberated for an untold period of time in your life. And, throughout that time, it was causing reactive actions to occur to the person who originally instigated it.

As it is commonly understood, all negative deeds a person performs are based upon unrequited anger. If a person is mad at themselves… If a person is mad at the world… If a person is unfufilled or unhappy… They expound misdirected anger. Instead of getting in touch with themselves and understanding why they are feeling the way they are feeling, they unleash this anger and dissatisfaction onto others. And, here is where the entire sourcepoint for the fall of humanity is given birth to. One person doing one thing.

Many people are so misdirected that they do not think and/or care about the affect they are having on another person or this life-space in general by the actions they take. They just act. For some, if they are living a good life and are more or less content with what is going on in their life, they may even feel good about unleashing negative actions directed towards another person or group. But, life is never about only what occurs in a particular moment. Life is about what occurs down the road due to the action(s) you took in that moment way back when. If your actions have hurt someone—if you actions are still hurting someone, what do you think is going to happen to you? Maybe not today but tomorrow?

Life is an echo chamber. Your life reverberates what you say and what you do. What are you doing?

So, whenever anyone asks me questions—questioning where they find themselves in life, I tell them to go back to the beginning, look at what they have done, who it affected, and what echo has it caused to reverberate farther down the line.

You want to find the person at fault for you feeling what you are feeling/for you experiencing what you are experiencing, look no further than yourself. And, when the hammer falls on you a bit father down your life line, look back to the day you did what to whom, way back in the way back when.