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You Know, There’s Other People in This World

I went to the supermarket this morning. As I was leaving, this lady in her Mercedes stops right in the middle of the exit driveway. I was about the third car behind her in line. She just stopped. Finally, I honked. The lady, a middle-aged woman of Middle Eastern descent, then gets out of her car and slowly walks around it and opens and then closes her passenger door. I guess it was not closed all the way. She then slowly walks back to the driver’s side and gets in. The line of cars behind me grows, as there is no way to go around her. Though she’s back in her car, she doesn’t immediately drive away. What she’s doing in there, I don’t know? Other people begin to honk. Finally, she slowly drives onward. I wanted to scream, “You know, there’s other people in this world!”

I always find the way a person drives, the things they do behind the wheel, and the way they behave behind the wheel truly expresses a lot about their interpretation of the world and its people. I mean, just watch people as you drive, you will witness and come into contact with all kinds of behavior.

Now, most people are not as rude as this lady. I would never have done what she did. If I were forced to do something like that, I would have done it triple time. But, this woman obviously cares, considers, or thinks about no one but herself.

When you drive, how do you behave towards other drivers? As you live, how do you behave toward other human beings? Do you think about them first or do you think about yourself first? This is a really important question to ask yourself and to analyze in your mind. Because it will truly reveal a lot about yourself and how others will ultimately come to define you.

Do you think about others? Do you care what your actions may do to them and how your actions will affect another person’s life? If you do not think about the other person first and only care about and do for yourself, or even worse make up lies and excuses about how what you do has not affected the life of someone else, you may want to reconsider your behave as you are more than likely unleashing a lot of damage, which may ultimately come to be the definition of your life.

Recently, here in the L.A. area, there were two African-American men surfing in Manhattan Beach. Some Caucasian guy paddled over to them and began insulting them and calling them the, “N-word,” over and over again. Bad! Other surfers apparently joined in. BAD, BAD, BAD!

Now, surfers and surfing has always been defined by a very macho, “Locals Only,” mindset. In fact, some of the earliest elements of the Punk Rock scene here in L.A. and OC came to be highly defined by surf and skate culture. What should be a very spiritually based expression of human interaction with nature is often marred by bad behave, like the Manhattan Beach incident. Luckily, much of the confrontation was caught on camera by someone on the shore and posted online.

But, is the guy screaming racial profanities sorry? I would guess not. He is more than likely locked into a mindset of, “Me.”

Here lies the problem with only thinking about yourself, doing for yourself, and not caring about the anyone else; lives get damaged. And, it is rare that the two young men can come out of a damaging experience like this and make something positive out of it as they have.

Why is there is anything wrong with being an African-American surfer? Why is there anything wrong with anyone doing anything that they want to do, as long as it harms no one else?

Wrongness is defined by one person, (or more coming together), and doing
something that hurts the life of someone.

Now, the lady in the car today, and perhaps even the racist surfer, are very small pieces in the puzzle of life. These situations will most likely soon be forgotten. But, the action(s) of one person, and the choices they make to perform that action, no matter what their reasoning or justification may be, has the potential to truly alter the life path of someone else. And, this may happen without the instigator ever knowing or caring about how they have hurt the life of that someone else.

The answer, care about people. Care enough to contemplate how what you do will affect the life of the anyone else. Think about the other person first.