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TMI AKA Finding a Reason to Support Your Point of View

Biden was diagnosed with COVID-19 today. Discussion about it is all over all of the morning news networks. Like me, he is quadruple vaxed, so hopefully he will be fine. Love him or hate him, that’s not the point, nobody should want anyone to die from COVID-19. My mother-in-law did and it is not pretty.
I was in the supermarket yesterday grabbing the ingredients for dinner. I got to speaking to this nice and friendly assistant store manager as I was finishing up in the self-checkout line. I inquired how she felt about the new BA-5 COVID variant and how it was so infectious, as she (and other store clerks) are on the frontlines interacting with customers all day. And, about the re-invoked, “Wear a mask,” mandate that is apparently going to hit L.A. County next week. “Are you vaxed,” I asked?
Immediately, she went into this whole discourse. She power-talked… She seemed to be very coffee-ed up, if you know what I mean. …Telling me about how she had got one shot of Moderna and that it caused her to have a period for three months. Wow. “TMI,” I thought. She went on to say that now she is anemic. She exclaimed she had read somewhere that everyone said the vaccines were safe but these conditions have happened to a lot of other women who were vaccinated. She immediately went on to exclaim that she didn’t understand why they wanted to vax kids as this is just a virus and viruses never go away… I would have liked to have said, “Yeah, but we were all vaxed as kids for measles and the like and it saved us a lot of childhood trauma.” But, I just let it go. …I believe everyone should be allowed to believe whatever it is they believe as long as it hurts no one else.
But, here’s the thing, what do you believe and why do you believe it? Where does you information come from? Like this very nice lady, she is looking for some facts where there are none. Does that make her good, bad, or otherwise? No, that is simply a human condition. Add in the fact that the truth of the known knowledge often changes and what are we left with? Simply a question looking for a honest answer.
Here lies the problem, are you guiding your basis of knowledge formulated upon opinion and an erroneous set of facts, directed simply by what you already believe or what you may want to believe? Or, are you truly peering into the essence of the truth and finding out what lies beneath all of the rhetoric?
You can believe whatever it is that you want to believe. You may even be able to find some data that supports your system of belief. But, you’ve got to know, that does not make it the truth. And, if what you are believing is not the truth, what are you left with in your life?