Scott Be Positive

Who You Think You Are Compared To Verses Who You Actually Are

I was having a latte in the early part of the day, this other day. My lady and I were at this new coffee house that opened up in our area. We were sitting by ourselves on the back outdoor patio of this place when this, (for lack of a better definition), interesting guy walks out and was quite surprised to see that anyone was there. He mumbled something under his breath.
To describe him, he was one of those people that you could say was dressed to the nines. To the nines, at least by his standards. He was wearing tight black leather pants. A tight black tee shirt. Leopard print shoes with a slight platform. His hair was closely shaved on the sides and the back but tied into a long topknot on the top of his head.
He was carrying a bounce card, an expensive tripod, and from a well-designed photo backpack he pulled out a high-end DSLR camera. He moved this one table to his desired positioning, opened up his tripod, set up his camera, and put his bounce card into position. Then, he went to order a drink.
Now, I have no idea what this guy was planning to do. But, it was something. Maybe he was a vlogger, a gamer, who knows??? But, he wasn’t working for the business, doing a commercial or anything like that. I guess he just choose this place because it has nicely painted outdoor walls and, as it isn’t very popular, he probably thought he would have the whole back patio to himself.
Not wanting to get in his way. Or, perhaps better put, not wanting to deal with what was to come next, we finished our drinks and left.
In the parking lot, there was this customized Tesla. It was painted flat black, had custom rims, and the windows tinted very dark, which is actually illegal here in California. Obviously, that was his car.
So, there he was, a guy totally into himself. Flaunting his stuff. Doing his whatever. Believing he was a, “Something.” But, was he? Or, was it all something projected from within his own mind?
My question, and the tell-tale sign of the truth of the truth, was, what was missing? Answer: His crew. If he was a true player he would have had his team setting up for him. My guess, he was rolling on daddy’s money and possessing a mind locked into a place of self-defined grandeur, where, in there, (and only in there), he was that, “Something,” that, “Character,” which he was presenting to the world. …An unsuspecting world of people who believe all that they see but do not know the true facts of a guy simply setting up his own equipment, bought with daddy’s money, in a restaurant that allows anyone to use their space as long as you buy a coffee.
Think about it? How much do you see? How many people are broadcasting? How many people are pretending they are something, when they are not? How about you?
I think in this day and age it is very easy to pretend. Nobody knows anybody anymore. At least not on an in-person, person-to-person,
real level. They just see them on a screen. They see an image that is projected to them and they instantly believe. But, in this immediate belief, there is something missing in creation. The truth of substance has been removed.
But, moreover, and on an even deeper, more important level, what has happened to the truth of humbleness? What has occurred to the individual that only seeks to be a student of the truth, a vessel of wisdom, and not the center of attention? I mean, if you look at life, if you look at all those who scream the loudest about who they believe themselves to be, truly, who are they, what are they? Nothing more than an illusion that they, themselves, have created.
Now, I’m not saying that a person should not work to achieve any goal they may possess. But, where is the truth in self-projection? Where is the wisdom in what they have to say if what they have to say is nothing more than what they think, what they believe, and what they determine the rest of the world should listen to? Isn’t that simply a self-determined projection of an ego-driven lie? Remember, a lie, no matter who is telling it, can never become the truth.
So, this is just a passing thought. Something for you to think about as you live your way through your life. Who do you see, telling you what you are listening to, making you believe what it is you believe? Is it a humble person, living a good, selfless, caring, helpful life? Or, is it someone who uses daddy’s money to buy a bunch of equipment, (which they have to set up by themselves), drive an expensive car, and project themselves as something more than they actually are?  
The truth lies in knowing the truth. How much truth do you know about who you are listening to?