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How Well Do You Do What You Do?

How well do you what you do? How much do you practice at becoming the best you can be at whatever it is you want to be?

For example, in the martial arts we practice the same technique over and over and over again in order to become as proficient at it as possible. There are forms where a prescribed set of techniques are performed in a specified order so that the practitioner can gain mastery of body and mind coordination and exacting physical movement.

In music, the musician practices relentlessly in order to become as proficient as possible. They practice scales, listening development, and hand coordination techniques all with the hopes of mastering their musical instrument.

Like the martial arts, the dancer practices the techniques of the movement of the dance over and over and over again. They attempt to find perfection in their physical movement.

For the artist, they study the movement of color. They work on their sketching skills. They lay paint onto the canvas time after time after time. Many times they do not like what they have created but they realize to raise themselves to the perfection of art—to truly embrace art, this is the pathway they must follow; painting and painting again until they develop and master their own unique style.

How much time do you spend developing the ability to become the best you can be at what you want to be?

For many, (for most), they do nothing. Yes, yes, pretty much everybody wants to be something but most do nothing to achieve it. They have their dreams and maybe they give what they hope to become a half-hearted tried. But, they never do what it takes to become a master of whatever it is they hope to become. How about you? What do you do to become what you truly hope to become?

Here’s the assignment for the day… What can you actually do today to bring yourself closer to becoming what you truly hope to become? Define it and then do it. Spend today growing closer to what you hope to be.

The secret, if you can do it today, you can also do it tomorrow.

Spend the time, make the effort to becoming what you truly hope to become.