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The Very Bad Things That You Do

What are the bad things that you do? What are the flaws in your behavior that cause you to do damage to the outside world and to hurt other people? Do you even know what these elements of yourself are? Do your ever define them? Do you ever think to take control over them? Do you even care that there are bad things that you do that hurts the life of other people?

Many people never consider what is wrong with themselves. They do not self reflect. They do not study their actions. They do not contemplation the results of their activities. They never look to the hurt that they may have caused. They never think about the harsh words that they speak or the evil things that they do. Most, simply do what they do and seek no self-betterment. How about you?

Many people learn to behave the way they behave based upon family relationships. This goes in both positive and negative directions. Once a person has found a method of acting in and reacting to life, they associate with people of like mind. Thus, if they do something negative, they are instantly forgiven or even cheered on as their friends behave in exactly the same manner as they do. How about you?

This is an essential question that each of us must constantly study as we pass through life. We must understand what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how is what we are doing affecting the life of others and life on the whole.

Do you ever take the time to question why you do what you do in relation to other people and how is what you are doing affecting other people?

Many people only seek praise for their behavior. From this, they only associate with people who will provide them with this praise. They seek praise even if what they are doing is wrong and is hurtful to others. How about you?

Few people want to hear or are wiling to listen to someone who tells then that what they are doing is wrong or that the way they are behaving is wrong? All they want to hear is that what they are doing is fine and what someone/everyone else is doing is wrong. How about you?

Few people want to be told that they should alter their behavior. Few people want to be told that they should alter the way they are reacting to other people. Few people are willing to try to change who they are to make themselves a better version of themselves. Even fewer people personally take the time to study who they are and to choose to refine how what they are is projected to the world. How about you?

You can be better. The better you should always come by choice. Make the choice.