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You Don’t Have to Look too Far to Find Negativity

It seems I’ve been writing a lot about positivity verses negativity lately. Sorry! But here, let me hit you up one more time. Happy

As I am sure we all understand, you don’t have to look too far to find negativity. I think most people, if they are not the instrument of negativity themselves, simply let it go by with little thought. Maybe they hear someone speaking negatively about life, some person, or some thing. Maybe they see a negative discourse on the internet. They hear it, the see it, they read it, and it is all so common that they simply let it pass by. But should they?
If all you have is your negative ideas then your entire life is defined by your negativity. If all you do is say something negative, then all you have set in motion for your future is negativity.
You know, every now and then I will see some very negative ideology about a person, place, or thing being spouted out by someone who is a, “Friend,” on-line. Of course, as we all understand, the vast majority of the people who are, “Friends,” on-line we do not personally know. Yet, at least in my case, I attempt to be selective of my, “Friends.” Due to this fact, it truly surprises me when I encounter a really negative statement being made by one of these people. Especially when it is made about someone they do not personally know.
Me, when a situation like this occurs, I unfriend them. What else can I do? I want no negativity in my life. Or, at least as little as possible.
I think this is one of the big problems in life, (and the unleashing of negativity), is that certain people believe they are on some kind of a mission. …They have some story to tell or some idea to get out there. But, do they? Is their belief a basis for fact or is their belief simply a process of thought based solely in their own mind that was churned up via some internal something that is based upon nothing more than unsubstantiated facts and misdirected understandings?
I’ve been pretty lucky in my life in that if someone actually knows me they don’t have too much negative grist to draw upon. Where I have encounter problems with negativity in my life is via people who do not actually know me and have reached conclusions about me based upon their own self-developed falsehoods, founded upon misdirected erroneous beliefs. How about you? Have you encountered negativity unleashed by someone else? If so, what was their motivation for behaving in that manner towards you? Also, have you unleashed negativity directed at some one or some thing else? If you have, why did you do it?  Truly ask yourself this question and come to a very honest conclusion.
I believe the thing that most people do not understand, when unleashing negativity, is that it never makes anything any better. Sure, maybe you get something off of your chest. But, why do you have something on your chest in the first place? If your life is defined by thinking, speaking, and maybe even writing about someone else, doesn’t that mean that you have nothing of importance to offer the world based upon your own creation of reality?
I read a piece today, written by an individual who was just trashing and saying some very negative things about a celebrity who recently passed away. Obviously, this person did not personally know that celebrity. At best, he heard something spoken via the words of someone else. Is that knowledge? Is that understanding? Is that truth? No. So, by writing what he wrote all he did was to evoke negativity and negativity always spreads outwards and makes things worse. UNFRIEND.
Think about what you think about people. Think about what you have spoken about people. Think about what you have written about people. For anyone you have said anything negative about, did you personally know that individual? If you did not, how can you justify your negativity? Moreover, as you instigated negativity, what does that say about you as a person? Doesn’t it simply mean that you are a judgmental individual who bases your conclusions about other people and other things simply on self-contrived speculation? And, what did your self-evoked negativity do to the life of that any-one else. If you hurt them, in any manner, shouldn’t you be the one where the negativity is directed as you are the hurt-unleashing individual?
I say this all the time, all life begins with you. If you unleash negativity for any reason, you are not making anything any better. Be more than that. Erase/fix all/any negativity you have created and in doing that, the entire world becomes just a little bit better.
Catch yourself before you say or do something negative, especially if it is directed at someone else. Because once you unleash negativity, that negativity has the potential to carry on forever. But, more than that, unleash positivity. Be the source of help, never hurt, truth, never judgement.
If your thoughts and your words are not making something better, isn’t it best to be silent?