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The Good You Do. The Bad You Do. And What You Do With What You Do.

Have you ever noticed that when you say something negative or do something bad in life, something undesirable happens to you? Have you ever noticed that when you have damaged somebodies something or you have hurt a person you are then hurt by life? Do you ever even think about this? Do you ever study life’s reactions to what you do? Some do. Most do not. Yet, everyone wonders, “Why me,” when they are hit with something unexpected.

If you ask the question, pretty much everyone can give you a reason for them doing what they are doing. “I like that person.” “I hate that person.” “I don’t like people who like that.” “I do like people who like that.” “That person should suffer because I think they should suffer.” “I don’t want them to have that so I will destroy it.” “I want that so I will take that.” But, in all of this action, leading to life reaction, how many people look for the sourcepoint of what they are feeling and reveal to themselves why they are reacting the way they reacting to what they are feeling?

Sure, the above are just a few of the very obvious pieces of logic someone will dish out as an explanation for doing what they do. But, do they hate a person they do not know? Do they love a person they do not know? Do they do things to hurt a person they do not know? Do they do things to help a person they do not know? Or, do they just do to do based upon no true logic, just innate, undefined emotion and desire?

If you do to simply do then this is where the doing presents repercussion. If you do based upon your own projection of another person’s reality, this is where consequences are born. Sure, you may feel what you feel. Sure, you may think what you think. That’s your right. But, where is your knowledge born? And, what gives you the justification to unleash those feelings simply because you think something whether it is true or not?

I often ask people when they hold a very strong opinion about a person or a subject, “What are you basing your knowledge upon?” In some cases, the person knows the person personally so they have experiential knowledge to base their opinion upon. That is a valid reason for their projection of personal reality. But, in more cases than not, they do not personally know the person. Thus, why do the feel what they feel when what they feel is not based upon interpersonal fact? Why do they feel what they feel, leading them to doing what they do, when all that they do is based upon secondhand knowledge?

You know, life is very clear if you allow life to be clear. If you say something bad, something bad will happen. If you do something bad, something bad will happen. You may want what you say to hurt someone, and that is why you are saying it. You may want what you do to hurt someone, and that is why you are doing it. But, simply look at life—simply look at the experiences you’ve experienced in your life. If you attempt to hurt someone you have set a chain of events into motion based upon hurt. Where do you think that chain of events will end? Yes, you may hurt your intended target but that hurt will continue to reverberate around your life until it comes back to attack you. You instigated it. What will be its ultimate target?

The good you do equals good. Not only to the person you did the good for but also it enhances the ongoing goodness of the world. This is the same with negativity and badness.

Just because you think something does not mean you should act upon what you think. Why? Because maybe you are wrong. Maybe you do not know all of the facts. By not knowing the facts or by basing all that you do simply upon a misdirected feeling, all that you lend to is the ever-growing chaos of the world. You do, it will be done to you.