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Hearts and Minds Verses the World of Bombastic Magniloquence

In life, we each have a choice about how we encounter reality. We each have a choice about what we say and what we do. We each have a choice about how we interact with one another. We each have a choice about the wake that we leave with the words that we speak, the things that we do, and how what we say and what we do will influence and affect other people.

Most people never have to question what they say or what they do because they are simply living a simple life. They speak words that reflect that life. They do not venture outwards beyond their own reality: their own family and their own friends, because that small circle of realism and authenticity is all that affects them.

There are others, however, that wish to influence the thoughts, the minds, and the actions of those outside of their surrounding group of family and friends. There are many reasons for why they do this but the primary causation factor is due to a sense of exaggerated ego and self-importance. But, where does this come from and what causes them to allow this exaggerated sense of self to guide them to broadcast their thoughts to the world?

In order to find out the answer to this question the first thing that we must look at, to come to understand the reasoning behind the person who spreads their opinion(s) to the masses, is their perceptions and understandings of external reality. Does the person who speaks to the abstract masses care about those people? Are they doing what they are doing to help those people? No, they are not. All they are doing is attempting to create an external persona that the multitudes will listen to, be guided by, and will react to what they say. This is the same mindset that has created every dictator, every abuser, every sociopath, and every psychopath throughout history. These people do not care about the person they are speaking to. They do not care about the person they are attempting to guide towards discipleship. They simply want to be adorned.

Every person who takes to the pulpit will undoubtedly deny this fact. They will have all kinds of very logical and very articulated forms of denial as to what they are doing and why they are doing it. But, all one has to do is to look at what these people are doing and whom they are affecting by what they have done to understand that any words they speak, regarding this matter, are simply justifications in order to enhance their own rendered sense of self.

Is what they are doing helping everyone? Is what they are doing causing anyone to be hurt? Is what they are doing forming a group of followers: large or small, that defend their words and their actions, even if their words and their actions break the law and/or hurt one or more people?

Look to any conspiracy theorist. Look to any political or religious pundit online or on broadcast television. Look to any YouTube star. What are they doing? They are seeking worshipers. They are seeking people to follow their actions and listen to their words in order to financially substantiate their life and feed their ego. If they were doing what they were doing from a perspective of purity they would take no money for their words. They would seek no believers. They would rebuke anyone who blindly followed what they had to say. But, this is not the case. They seek financial income from others who actually have to work for a living. And, they do this without even questioning what they are doing. They seek reverence without holding a religious degree. They seek discipleship without having lived a life based upon holiness. Thus, all that they do, all that they speak, comes from a position of seeking reverence from the masses that they will never know. This is the worst kind of life blasphemy.

So, next time you believe the words a person speaks, ask yourself, why are you listening to them? Next time you think to take actions in order to substantiate your relationship with an abstract person that you do not even know, ask yourself, why are you doing it?

From the ancient Vedic texts forward it is taught they we each are the center of the universe. Thus, why do we need to turn over the true power of your self-awareness to anyone else?

Think before you believe. Think before you follow. Think before you act. Think why.