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The People That Control Your Life

I believe that we each have had people that have entered our life and have come to control various elements of our life. In some cases, this was by choice. In most cases, however, it was not.
Certainly, when you are young, your parents and other members of your immediate family hold sway over you.  As you progress through life there are teachers and employers who tell you how to behave. In many/most cases, these are acceptable relationships that are simply a condition of life. But, then there are the other people who come into your sphere of existence, who you truly wish were not there, but you have to deal with them nonetheless.
In some cases, these are small, fast-moving elements that come and go in your life and are soon forgotten. In other cases, there are bad neighbors, bad ex’s, and other people that never seem to go away. Or, people who just haunt your existence. In any and all of these cases, it is what you do and how you deal with these people, that will define the next step in your life.
For example, I had gotten an oil change in my car this morning and I was driving home. I live along the coast and the way I was taking home has only one lane in each direction.  So, if you have a bad driver in front of you, it can really mess up your drive.
I had noticed that the car in front of me was driving somewhat erratically as I turned right onto this street. But, there was little I could do. What could I do? As we proceeded he would speed up, slow down, veer to the left or to the right. At times, all of sudden, he would drive very slowly. I mean there is a forty-five mile an hour speed limit on this street and, periodically, he was driving less than twenty.
Now, I don’t know if this guy was drunk, high, crazy, or just not giving a fuck that anyone else was on the road behind him as he was looking at the scenery, but at one point, I looked in my mirror and I counted a trail of thirty cars that he was holding up. Then, he came to an almost complete stop. Pissed, I honked my horn to let him know that he was not the only person in the world, as did the car behind me. He then immediately slammed on his breaks and came to a complete stop on this sharp hill and began to flail his arm out the window, with a fist, in an enraged circle. I guess he was telling me (and the others) to pass him, but it was a blind hill and to do that would be suicide. You get the picture.
Like they calculate on the news, and certainly I have witnessed and realized, that since the re-opening of the pandemic, a lot of people drive like shit. It seems that people think they are the only person on the road.
You know, when the guy did that, it touched that spot of anger in me. It was like, maybe you can remember when Jack Nicholson got out of his car and started beating on that other guy’s car with one of his golf clubs. It was all over the news many years back.
They also say that road rage has really risen in recent times. But, here’s the thing, yes, it was that guy driving completely inconsiderately that set the situation into motion, but it is you/I who must decide to do what we do as a reaction that sets the stage for the rest of our life. Now days, you just can’t go and kick someone’s ass, not only will you get arrested but you will get sued. So, you really must hold back. Their fault, but it is you who must be more.
Like I have long said, a second changes the whole game. Think about it, if I had left the auto repair shop just a few moments sooner, I would have never encountered that guy and his inconsiderate driving. But, that’s life, sometimes people come into your sphere of existence and though you don’t want them there, you must deal with them.
In closing, don’t be that inconsiderate person. But, you know that. I’m sure the people who read this blog would never behave like that. This being said, you have to be careful in your choice of responses to situations like this, create by people you don’t want in your life, because sometimes they are doing that something simply to cause a confrontation, which ends in who knows what?
Finally, the guy proceeded. A bit farther up, the road breaks off into two lanes. Of course, he rode in the fast last. Me, I passed in the slow lane, and drove home. This was no big deal, just something that will be forgotten. But, it could have gone a much different way had I allowed anger to guide my actions.
The main thing to keep in mind is to never let those people that force their way into your life, and you don’t want in your life, control you. Be focused on the Better You. Be more than they will ever be.