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Principles of the Precepts AKA Good Behavior Verses Bad Behavior

I believe we have all encountered situations where we are interacting with someone, on a personal level, and they do something that we find very offensive. Whether it is something as small as coughing or sneezing without covering their mouth onto eating in a very unrefined manner onto saying rude or hurtful things in the presences of other people onto doing something that is truly verbally or physically unacceptable. But, look around, it happens all the time. Maybe you do it. Maybe other people judge you as being less than all-right.

Certainly, this is a time in American politics where tempers have been flaring and people have been doing less than refined things. Some applaud this behavior. Some despise it. But, it still all boils down to one person doing one thing that someone else finds offensive.

It’s not only here in the U.S. Look around the world; things are going crazy in a lot of places. Belarus is in political turmoil. Thailand is currently in a state of massive protest. Hong Kong, forget about it… …Interesting how the COVID-19 Coronavirus emerged out my China when they were having all of those protest problems with Hong Kong. The pandemic put those massive protests to bed immediately and now the restrictive laws the Chinese government hoped to pass are all in place. The Arab Spring took place a couple of years ago causing massive upheavals. But, all this is nothing new. It goes on all the time. Here or there on the national scale or on the person-to-person personal scale, people do things that other people consider to be not right. People get offended and people get hurt. Why? Because someone is doing something that someone else considers wrong.

I got a chance to catch a few minutes of a documentary shot in Tibet last night. Interesting, the video footage was all so clear. The guy apparently just left Lhasa and traveled deep into Tibet documenting his interactions with the people and his experiences. He did this until the Chinese forces caught him in some restricted zone and they threw him out of the country. This too happened to me too back in the mid-1980s. I only wish that I had the photo and video technology that is available today back then. Me, I had this camera bag with three very heavy 35mm cameras and several lenses over my shoulder. If only I had a smart phone back then I could have captured so much more of my experiences in such a more projectable manner.

Again, here was a guy, doing what he was doing; hurting no one. I found the documentary very interesting, as I am sure many other people did, as well. But, the Chinese government found it offensive. They kicked him out. At least they didn’t take his film as they did with me. …Me, back then, they put me on a bus and shipped me to the boarder where I had to find my own way back to civilization. Not fun! Offensive! But, the powers that be found me, and my presence, offensive. So, who is right and who is wrong?

I think, if we look to the world outside of us, we all know what is considered to be right and considered to be wrong. We all know what we consider to be right and wrong. Yet, think about it, how many times have you done something that you would consider wrong if someone else had done it? Whether it is sneezing without covering your mouth, stealing something, lying, hurting someone and not caring, whatever… You did it, yet if someone else did it or did it to you, you would find it very offensive.

As I often say, all life begins with you. It is you who chooses to do what you do. What do you choose to do? And, are you consciously in control of yourself enough to care about not offending or hurting that other person; whoever that other person may be?

All life begins with you. It begins with what you do and what you do in the presence of others. What do you do? And, do you care? Do you think about how what you are doing is going to affect that someone else who may not like what you are doing? Or, do you only think about yourself? …Do you not think about anything or anyone before you do what you do?

Life can be a good place. But, that goodness all begins with what you say and what you do. It all begins with how you react.

So, what are you going to do? What are you going to do that may offend someone else? And, what are you going to do if you do offend someone else? Your life, your choice. But remember, what you do can begin as something very small and move outwards to affecting the whole world.

Good or bad, positive or negative, it all begins with what you do. What are you going to do and why are you going to do it?