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Meditation in the Moment

Most people think of meditation as something that you sit down and do. You set aside a time, a place, you get calm, maybe you do some breathing exercises, you close your eyes, and then you meditate. Though this is, of course, one way to meditate. It is not, however, the only way.

Meditation can and should happen whenever you need it to happen. Meditation should not just be a formal exercise. It should not only be something that you can do when you are in the right, peaceful frame of mind. It should be something that you can do whenever you are experiencing just the opposite.

Maybe you are in a self-imposed hurry and you are waiting for a website to load or you are waiting for your computer to perform some function. You are impatient and are in no mood to wait for this nonsense so it is making your blood pressure go up and causing your heart to race. Meditate.

You need to be somewhere to meet somebody but you encounter a traffic jam and there is no way that you are going to be there on time. Instead of upsetting yourself, meditate.

You are mad at somebody. Somebody did something that really upset you. Instead of allowing their actions to take control over your emotions and your life, meditate.

Meditation is not only accomplished when you are sitting down with your eyes closed. Meditation can be accomplished with your eyes wide open in the middle of life chaos. You can focus your mind and you can meditate anywhere if you have desire and the will power to take control over your emotions and your mind and do so.

Meditation is the focusing of your mind. Meditation is taking control over your mind. Meditation is centering your mind. And, you are the only one who can do it. But, you have to choose to do it.

You can let life and life circumstances dominate all that you think and do. Or, you can choose to take control over your mind, not let the temporary occurrences of the external world control you, and meditate.

Whatever you meditate upon is your choice. Whether it is a mantra, the mental image of a divine figurehead, or simply consciously breathing; as long as it takes you to a place where you are calm and in control of your mind, you are meditating.

Think about it, who and what do you want to be in control of your mind? Someone or something out there or you? Meditate.