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Actions Have Consequences

I was happily asleep this morning; lost deeply in realms of a vivid dream when someone’s nearby car alarm went off and woke me up. How annoying! I don’t know why people still have car alarms as no one breaks into cars anymore. But, it woke me up. Don’t you hate car alarms? The problem is, I am one of those people that once I am awoken I can’t easily go back to sleep. So, I was forced to get up way before I wanted to. Someone did something; they set off their car alarm and it affected the life of someone else in a non-positive manner. Is that right? Is that the way life should be?

I was at the supermarket yesterday. I had purchased my groceries, loaded them in my car, and was heading for the parking lot exit. A young African-American man bolts in front of me in a new sedan, cutting me off. No big deal, whatever… Just as he was about to pull out from the parking lot he throws his fast food drink out of his window onto the asphalt. The cup, the ice, the straw, and the remaining drink splatter everywhere. I had not seen anything like that in years. Who does that kind of stuff? How rude! I honk my horn at him. …Like what the fuck? He drives on. Again, here is someone who unconsciously, uncaringly did something that affected the life of someone (many people, in fact) in a non-positive manner. Is that right? Is that the way life should be?

A couple of months ago, just after all of the #icantbreathe and #blm riots broke out I was taking an afternoon walk. I have always enjoyed walking around my neighborhood (wherever I am living) or wherever I find myself in the world. It is a great way to see and touch life and they say it is good for your health. I live in what may be considered an affluence neighborhood. Certainly, my dwelling is not. But, the neighbor is… Anyway, I was walking to one of my local parks with my lady when this young African-American family gets out of their semi rundown car in the park’s parking lot. I didn’t think much about it. I just assumed they were probably not from the neighborhood. As we approached each other, walking in opposite directions, the male of the crew bumps into me, obviously attempting to instigate a confrontation. Me, I smiled at him. How can you fight a smile?

Ever since those young African-American men were asked to leave Starbuck in New York because they didn’t buy a drink a couple of years ago and ended up getting paid millions due to their lawsuit, there has been a certain type of person who has sought ways to make money for nothing. Certainly, this is nothing new. People have instigated and/or faked car accidents and personal injuries in establishments in order to get paid forever. But, every now and then it seem due to the climate of the time people get motivated to find ways to get paid via devious means. So again, here is someone instigating a non-positive action that has the potential to have negative affects on the life of someone else. Is that right? Is that the way life should be?

Most people are not that contriving, however. Most people simply act, react, and do as they do as they pass through their life. Like the person who unconsciously set off their car alarm the morning, did their thoughts go to the lives of people who were sleeping and they woke up? Probably not. Did the young man who threw the drink out of his car window care about the maintenance people who were going to have clean up his mess or the people who were going to have look at the trash he threw on the ground? Probably not. He was just done with his drink and didn’t want the cup in his new car.

Everything you do has the potential to affect someone else. The question then has to be asked, are you thinking about how your actions are affecting that someone else? Moreover, do you care? Or, are you only thinking about
your moment or maybe even how you can get paid for doing nothing but creating havoc in someone else’s life space?

Actions have consequences. What you do will come to affect you. How you live your life will come to define your life. The things you do—particularly the things you do that affect other people will set what you encounter next into motion. Maybe you won’t meet your consequences today but they will find you.

How do you want to live your life? Are you going to
do with a conscious respect and appreciation for others and all things life or are you just going to do whatever it is you want to do without a thought? Your life. Your consequences.