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What Do You Do After It Is Done?

Life is an interplay of thoughts leading to action leading to what those actions create in the world around you. Life is any interplay of what you think, leading to what you do, leading to how what you do impacts the life of other people. But, how much thought do you put into the what you do? How much time do you spend analyzing the possible reactions to your action and how it will impact the life of those people that may be affected? Do you ever spend any time thinking about any of this or do you just do guided by whatever inner motivation you feel you are guided by?

The fact of this life is, most people do not contemplate their reality and how their reality has the potential to affect the all and the everything. All they think about is what they think about and they give very little, if any, thought to anything else. How about you? How much time do you spend analyzing how the impact of what you do may impact the life of someone/anyone else? Do you just do or do you think about what you do?

There is a great ancient text that I often recommend people read called, Vicekachudamanai, The Crest Jewel of Discrimination, written by the Hindu Sage, Adi Shankaracharya. You can find it online. The reason I recommend this book is that, first of all, it was written in a time, a place, based upon a religion and a culture when the mindset of humanity was framed much differently. That alone makes it interesting. But, beyond that, if you can take the time to read between the lines, which is at the essence of all true understanding, you can gain a framework to make you question your reality, your motivations for action, which may allow you come to understand your life from a new and more refined point of view.

Okay… But, how many of you are willing to do that? I imagine that the people who read this blog are, yes, much more willing to choose to expand their mind and find a new and better framework from which to operate from. But, is that you? Is that the person standing next to you? Is that the person down the street? Is that other person on-line who is focused on the whatever else?

You see, in life we all do what we do, motivated by whatever we are motivate by. But, how many people do anything from a framework of true consciousness? How many people do anything without the hope for some return? And, this is where all of the problems in life arise, which brings us to the point of the piece, what do you do after it is done?

We all do what we do. Most do what they do based simply upon their desire for a desired outcome or they don’t really think it through at all. If you point this out to a person they will either justify their actions or make excuses for them. But, what does any of that equal? Answer: Unconscious selfishness. Yes, in any given moment, with any given action, what a person chooses to do may achieve the end result they desired but what about the anyone else, what about the anything else?

You see this all the time, people get an idea and based upon that idea they do what they do. But, they do what they do without any clear planning for the effects or the reactions. If they are satisfied with the results, all is well with their world. But, what about the person who is on the other end of their results? What about the people who are negatively affected? What about the world in general? If what one person does is only beneficial to them and/or those who like, love, or support them but it hurts someone/anyone else or something/anything else, then should that action have been performed? The answer is obvious but how many people ever take any of this into consideration?

So, let’s get down to it… How often do you contemplate the reaction(s) to your actions(s)? How much do you think about this before you do? How much do you even care? Do you only care when you don’t like what occurs to you due to what you have done? And/or do you ever even think about the feelings and/or the impact of what you have done to life of others; especially when the outcomes benefits you?

You see, most people live in an illusionary world. If nothing really big or bad happens to them, they think everything is okay. If something good happens to them, even better. The problem with this illusionary world is that there are other people in it; both the seen and the unseen. And, just because you do not see the negative reactions that you actions may have had on the life of someone else that does not make those actions any less impactful?

Do you ever think about any of this?

I think we have all been in those situations where someone has done something truly messed up that has hurt our life. Then, you feel. Then, you care. Then, you think about the impact of what someone else can do to your life.

Turn this around… You’ve done something really messed up to someone else… How much time did you spend undoing your doing? For most, the answer is very little if at all.

In many situations in life, you really need to take things to the personal level to truly understand the impact of action. For most, they can only understand when something is happening to them. This is not necessarily right, this is simply the way that it is. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You could be the one with discretion. You can be the one who analyses your actions. You could be the one who cares. You could be the one who cares enough about the feelings of that someone out there, that you do not and will never know, who may be impacted by what you are thinking about doing.

So, what are you going to do after it is done?