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Reading Your Own Meaning into the Message

This is a subject that I’ve touched on in the past but every now and then I am contacted by someone (in some fashion) and they are translating something that I wrote completely by their own definition. The only problem is, they are reading something into what I wrote that I did not intend.

When one of these situations occurs it always send to smilingly remember this one time a friend of mine and I were having lunch and he pulls out a small a notebook where he had taken notes about what I had said a few days before and he wanted me to explain and translate what I was actually thinking and what I actually meant. “It meant nothing,” I exclaimed.

I am not one of those people who composes hidden meanings into what I write. I find that kind of stuff way too pretentious and frankly just bullshit. I write what I write. I try to explain what I am thinking in the best way that I can and then I move on. Sometimes, I rethink a subject and realize I did not explain my thought process in a complete fashion so I readdress the issue. But, that’s about as deep as it gets. I am not sending you any hidden messages.

This is the same with life. I’m a very honest person. I do not hide or pretend or play head games. I’m just me.

This subject is something I think that everyone needs to examine in their own life and analyze how it causes them to interpret what other people say and do and how it causes them act and react.

Are you looking for a deeper meaning in what someone has to say? Are you seeking hidden messages? The thing is, if a person operates their life by believing that they have some hidden truth that no one else knows they are either lying to other people or they are lying to themselves. There are no secrets!

If someone thinks that they hold the position in life that they are so all-powerful that they need to relay things to the initiated in a secret manner they are operating from a position of vanity and ego. Does a person who holds the mindset that they are so much of something that they must pass on hidden directives truly deserve your loyalty and your servitude?

So, where does this lead us? It leaves us with life. Some people just look to seek out the hidden meaning. Some people want to be part of that inner group who believes that they know something and they are in communication with someone on some secret level that no one else can understand. If that’s what you want to do, that’s great, that’s life; good luck. You’re just not going to find it here. Happy