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Musicology 101

So… I was doing the basic restringing, oiling the neck, and intonating one of my 12-string electric guitars. Though the guitar has a great feel and a great tone, it has these kind of weird tuning keys so it takes a bit longer to string than it should. But, anyway… That’s not the point.

I was at home so I decided to throw on an LP.

Due to the fact that I am always kind of ON, I really don’t have a lot of time to listen to records. That’s sad, I think. Most of my music listening is done in the car. Though that’s fine, as it suitably fills the time while driving, there is really something GREAT about listening to music on vinyl. I mean, get yourself a good receiver/amplifier and a good turntable, (never use those all in one units as they kill the vinyl), sit back and let the music magic happen. The sound is just so subtly exquisite.

For my listening pleasure this day, I grabbed a couple of my recent thrift store finds. Though I assuredly have a couple copies of most on my albums, when I see something that catches my eye, I grab it. You never know when you’ll see it again.

First up was, Pink Floyd, Meddle. Though they were certainly a part of my generation, I was never a big fan of Pink Floyd. I gabbed this LP at the thrift store because it was a first pressing in very good condition. I hadn’t listened to this LP in decades. Now, as the last time, somewhere back, in the way back when, I wondered is this really Rock or is it something else?

Next up was, Spandau Ballet, Parade. As it started to play, I flashed back. As the music played, this LP became a real memory churner. Not because I was a super fan of the band or anything like that but I remember sitting in this café in Bangkok in ‘84, with my then Thai love, as this LP played over the sound system when this band was at the top of the charts. It’s so strange, because nothing was really going on in that situation. We were just sitting there drinking coffee. But, that life situation is one of those memories that stays in your mind for some unknown reason. I think I even wrote a poem about it, published in my book, Bangkok and the Nights of Drunken Stupor.

Inspired by the 80s, I finished up my listening by actually going into the collection and pulling out the great album by Regina, Curiosity; which has that great-great pop song, Baby Love on it.

Life is interesting, we do what we do while we are doing it. We live what we live while we living it. Most of it, just passes us by. Most life THINGS are just life THINGS and we never really think about them. But, maybe we should.

How much music do you listen to and really study? Sure, you like what you like and don’t like what you don’t like. …You want to hear what you want to hear and don’t want to hear what you don’t want to hear. Everyone hears music all the time. It’s playing everywhere. But, how often do you sit down and really study it? …Truly listen to the notes and the lyrics?

Music is very interesting because it sets the stage for our life. As stated, I remember listening to that album nearly forty years ago in that café in Bangkok. I’m sure you also have moments that you remember, defined by the music you were listening to. But, how much of that music do you (did you) really hear?

I don’t know… I could go on and on about this forever… But, my guitar is cleaned up and restrung, so I need to go plug it in and make some music that no one will ever hear. Happy