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Nobody Can Understand Your Enlightenment

There is a very small percentage of the world’s populous that seeks enlightenment. But, for those who do, they take this practice very seriously. Throughout Asia, particularly in India, one will find people doing all kinds of things to reach that end goal.

There is an essential problem in the quest for enlightenment that many people encounter, however. They encounter this problem but they do not even realize that it is a problem or that it is what is keeping them from experiencing cosmic consciousness. That problem is, they are listening to the description(s) that other people have laid down as to what enlightenment actually is. From this, they are questing towards someone else’s something. But, this can never happen in or during enlightenment. As enlightenment is a distinctly personal experience.

Many of the people who quest towards the experience of enlightenment do so by reading the ancient text of those who are believed to have achieved this divine understanding. They may also listen to the words of those who detail the experience. Thus, they try to find and attempt to experience what someone else has experienced. But, this is entirely the wrong pathway towards enlightenment, as true enlightenment is such a unique experience—experienced only the True Self when it reaches the stage where it can encounter it.

This is the reason why so few people who are on the path towards enlightenment ever find enlightenment. By listening to others, by believe that what that other person has experienced is the only enlightenment; they keep themselves from finding their own enlightenment.

For any person who has encountered Satori, Nirvana, Samadhi, or any other names that enlightenment is defined by will immediately understand, what they experienced was something within themselves that caused them to interact with the cosmic whole in a way they never had previously experienced or ever expected. Thus, enlightenment is outside of the boundaries of definition. Though one may be able to tell another person what they have encountered, that other person can never truly understand what the person is describing. At best, they can simply rationally that person words in their own limited perception of Individual Self.

One can only understand what they have the ability to understand. What one understands is solely defined by their own state of mind, their own list of life experiences, and their own definition of how they define other people. Thus, listening to what someone else has experienced is a very limited process defined by individual personality. Listening is not a pathway to enlightenment.

Enlightenment can only be found by the individual embracing cosmic reality by their own release of definitions. By feeing themselves from what they desire and what they expect.

Enlightenment is haveable. It fact, it is easily haveable. But, to find it, you need to let go of what you want, what you think you know, and what others have told you. Enlightenment is found in the non-defined mind.