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Meditation Wherever You Are

I believe that the reason most people find it hard to meditate is that they are so wound up in and from life that their mind refuses to calm down. Certainly, via pranayama techniques like Nadi Suddhi there are methods to calm the mind down. But, in the mindset of all of the normal day-to-day chaos of life very few people choose to follow that path. From this, and because of this, very few people meditate. And, I think, that is unfortunate as they are missing out on a very unique level of mental calm and purity that can only be found via meditation.  
I have always believed that meditation should be able to happen anywhere. You should be able to meditate wherever you find yourself. It should not only occur when you are sitting down with your legs crossed and practicing the Zazen technique of Zen or the Dhyana techniques of Hinduism. Yes, this takes some understanding and some practice. But, if you can allow yourself to meditate wherever you find yourself, if even for a moment, you can guide your mind to a calmer, cleaner, and purer state of refined understanding.
One of the best places I find to slide into a meditative mindset is if and when I wake up during the night. First of all, I don’t sleep very well, so waking up in the middle of the night is not uncommon for me. But, I have a choice. I can lay there and watch my racing thoughts, thinking about whatever comes to mind, or, I can take advantage of my already relaxed body and mind and allow meditation to overtake me.
This technique is really very easy. All you need to do is to embrace where you are. Maybe you will first consciously appreciate the comfort of where you lay. The warmth of the blanket or blankets that cover you. You can listen to the silence of the night for a moment or two. Then, simply let your mind be silent. Be meditation.
Though in the night it may be considered that meditating is much more easy than in the day when there are most probably sounds in the air and people and cars and stuff moving around you. But, you do not need to let those things control you. In fact, they can become a pathway to your meditation.
Yes, if you are by the sea or in the mountains or in the desert, somewhere where the sounds of nature are nurturing, you can take control over your mind and choose to use thoes sounds to guide you towards a calmer state of mind where you can allow your mind to go silent. That’s great. But, wherever you find yourself you can use the everything around you as a tool.
If you are traveling on a plane, a train, or someone is driving you somewhere, you can consciously choose to step back from the mechanical movement and use it as a tool to enter meditation. Simply choose to do it. Close your eye if you want to. Keep them open if you want to. But, allow the sound and the feeling of the movement to guide your body into the trance of the calmer mind.  Simply let your mind go silent.
I remember when I was a teenager, I used to go to this dentist who was a man very depictive of the era. Sometimes he would even sit there smoking as he was examining my teeth. He was one of those people who didn’t believe in giving Novocain unless it was absolutely necessary. So, I can think of a couple of times when he was drilling my teeth and giving me a fillings or something and he gave me no local anesthesia. I remember thinking that what he was doing felt horrible. But, I could travel to my inner-meditative mind and step away from the pain. This is what I did, and it worked. Meaning, meditation is not only about finding your higher state of consciousness. It can be used as a tool of self-protection, as well.
One of the big mistakes people make regarding meditation is that they believe they must do it for a very long period time for it to be beneficial. This is not the case, however. It does not matter how long you meditate, it simply matters that you do meditate. If you can allow true silence to embrace your mind, if even for only a moment or two, you will emerge in a more refined state of mental awareness.
Allow yourself to meditate wherever you find yourself. Make it one of your daily practices. Simply step back from where you are, embrace your surroundings, and move to that silent place in your being where your deeper consciousness is located.
Try it. You’ll be surprised at the results.